Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Earth Grid (improved) storage idea for Wind Turbines   (not a joke):

     Take say five or six wind turbines, and group them around a common area.  Connect them all to the same power grid - then connect this common grid to a central, underground battery.  The battery would be like a large building buried underground - maybe with ceramic wall containment.   Otherwise, it could be a standard lead-acid or Lithium Ion battery.   Or, use more durable metals in a novel arrangement to store a large charge.   The idea is that it would take several days or weeks to charge up the battery, but it would discharge in the same amount of time, providing a large power ‘buffer’ when the wind dies down.    It could provide a consistent amount of current.   This would take up more land - say around an acre for the combined turbines and central battery, but then could all be fenced in for security. 

The Earth Grids could be aggregated for higher currents and voltages.     There would be high up-front costs involved.  But steady power outputs might then prove economical in the long run.  A possibility worth investigating, it seems to me. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Here is a Villanelle in honor of the victims in Aurora, Colorado

A Dark Night in Aurora

 It was a dark time indeed that night,
after they turned the theater lights down;
Emergency exit opened, and let in civilization’s blight.

He threw bombs and opened fire, showed his might,
His hair dyed orange like some macabre clown;
It was a dark time indeed that night.

Initial disbelief dissolved into panicked flight,
Moviegoers wounded, screaming, running around;
Emergency exit opened,  excreting civilization’s blight.

Among the newly dead, others crouched low in fright,
Calls reached dispatchers, first responders hit the ground;
It was a dark time indeed that night.

Bloodied crowds and a murderer rushed into lobby light,
Everyone erupted out in mayhem, a wounded town;
Emergency exit opened, and exposed civilization’s blight.

This easy access to guns and ammunition just is not right,
Although certain sectors upon reading that may frown;
It was a dark time indeed that night,
An exit door opened, and let in civilization’s blight.


Another heartbreaking tragedy in the U.S.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another humorous write...

My Peculiar Gut

My gut has a personality all of its own,
Rising and falling like the Moon-driven tides;
When hot I drink lots of fluids, expanding it out,
Until it shrinks in time with exercise.

It fattens or flattens at different times of day;
Smooth of surface yet roughened by coarse hairs,
It tautens when I’m tense,
 yet jiggles when I’m joyful.

Who needs a face for expressions?
My gut does double duty quite well,
Whether or not it doubles up in girth,
or is halved by strenuous exertions.

Hope that you all can digest these new facts,
Or can stomach the truth about my girth;
Even if my fitness vow performance goes lax,
I’ll still remain old and jolly, full of mirth.


c) 2012 Mike Wilson

Solo jazz ensemble

Low basso rumbles of intestinal caverns
provide the background for my tenor section -
Crooning duodenal sax section keeping time.
Every so often, a toot shoots from that clarinet in the rear,
Embarrassing in public, otherwise relieving!

My parents never told me that my body would
change into a jazz quintet when I got older.
Each ‘player’ makes itself known one at a time,
doing solo rumbles, before they begin to
jam in four-part bodily harmony.

Different meals produce novel tunes,
After that Chinese place, they really swing and scat!
People think I might be stumbling or swaying --
No way, man!

I’m jammin to my abdominal rhythm section,
So eat your hearts out!
but don’t get too close...
The Clarinet is playing its smelly parts.

 - end

I've been getting out and riding the bicycle all around Central Iowa trails.  Even though I knew we had a lot of them, I've been surprised by how many different ones there are.  So last week, for example, I went out biking on three different trails, and also jogged on one of them.   Slowly the ol bod is getting back into shape.   Even though it has been over 100, it is tolerable in late afternoon, especially on a bicycle.  Particularly when the sun dips down and a breeze kicks up.   A good way to beat the heat is not let it leave you in defeat.   Just go do some stuff outdoors anyway - hydrate with water, and pace yourself, but still do things.    Some humor follows - thanks for reading.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I need a donation!

My salary is frozen, my stocks are down, and my prospects look grim.   Getting older and Social Security is at risk, not to mention Medicare.    The world economy has constant storm clouds hanging over it.  These are just not good times.  

And then I check my e-mail inbox, and see several requests for money every day from well-funded political organizations - and other non-profits.   So my message to all of these well-heeled organizations is, 


I need my mortgage paid off.  I need my utilities paid, my groceries supplied, my car repaired.   I need my foot operated on, and my teeth fixed.  So to all of you that fill my inbox with money requests, send a little my way.  I promise not to run for any political office, steal or embezzle public funds, break any big promises, or otherwise do any kind of disservice to the public.   If you donate to “ME”, I will stay out of the limelight and pay all of my bills and taxes. 


SEND your donation of at least $15.00 today to:   One angry taxpayer tired of being soaked for corrupt politicians of every stripe.   I thank you in advance.  Your money will be triple-matched by

“The organization for relief from barrages of lies and broken promises”.