Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Lost Downtown Icon

Back in the day “Once upon a time”
window shoppers strolled past this icon,
gazed in at ever-changing fashionable displays,
Or perhaps ducked in to browse the latest styles.

Some rode the modern escalator to the
mezzanine for more bargains to see.
Others visited the Tea Room to catch
up on the latest morsels from high society.

Then the inevitable curtain drop,
an inglorious ending to a special place.
The Younker Brothers emporium had
to bow to twin fates: buyout and change.

Even though it sat empty for several years,
valiant rescue efforts had seemed to succeed.
A conversion to apartments and retail shops,
metamorphosis to a future that honored the past.

Some casual cruel fire ended those dreams today,
Three-alarm blaze burned Des Moines hopes away.

We will clean up the mess and recover, to be sure;
Remember, make those new projects fire-insured.

     - end

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Anything goes here   

Not for the kiddos here.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Poetry title


She Knows

Some old poetry for today.

She Knows

Avoids my footsteps,
squeaks submissive at my approach.
Follows and darts and meows just so.
“Feed me, take care of me, love me.”

I clumsily do my very best,
she rewards me with purring affection.
Her only discipline the butt and tail
in my face treatment.
Comes at the oddest times.

Cold winter days progress one by one,
she snuggles on the bed faithfully.
I am with you now no matter what,
she seems to purr at me.

Come the warm summer I learn the truth:
I was but a temporary respite.
Now she wants to be on her own,
left completely alone.

She doesn't realize I hold the trump card:
Cranked-up A/C.
She decides maybe my lap is worth
another try after all.

- end

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Unique Place

Downtown Des Moines is the place to be,
with many new and appealing attractions;
Brimming with activities for you and me.

Lots of things there are absolutely free,
Sculpture displays to tour to your satisfaction;
Downtown Des Moines is the place to be.

The skywalks offer a different vantage to see
our city's unique architectural dimensions;
Brimming with excitement for you and me.

The new social club has events to bring glee,
hot bands and live theater to grab attention;
Downtown Des Moines is the place to be.

Performing arts arenas liven up the scene,
National teams and acts get a good reception;
Packed with excitement for you and me.

East village places to welcome a shopping spree,
humorous and exotic arts to tickle the perception;
Downtown Des Moines is the place to be.
Full of fun things to do for you and me.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Once more, with Feeling!

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Thursday, March 20, 2014


What if the Russians held a war and nobody showed up?

Where do you hide an enormous jetliner?

Why does the Dow go up, but everyone's sense of well-being stays down low?

Why do things seem so different at the opposite end of the aging telescope? 

Questions, questions permeate my mind.
Elusive answers so hard to find --
Life anymore does not make much sense
I try real hard, that is my biggest defense.

Really want to do right and harm no one.
Really get tired of clouds and desire the sun.
Food and shelter my main blessing to count,
Friendship and fun bonus to make me shout.

Friday is almost here and I am still alive,
healthy and wallet-full enough to thrive.
Look out, I still walk the corridors of time,
Leave me alone, everything will be fine.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Springtime is coming - finally!

The Robins keep saying that spring is coming,
The sky dumps more snow to quiet them down.
Below-zero shivers give way to sun shining,
Yielding to Earths inevitable tilt around.

More hours of daylight gently remind
us that better days surely lie ahead.
Rabbits do a dance and squirrels start to climb.
other creatures peer out with sun-warmed heads.

The state legislature swings into high gear,
Heatedly debating some controversial bills;
Common sense and acumen aren't very clear
judging by the accusations thrown on the hill.

We know we will have made it to warmer seasons,
when grass greens up, and spring bulbs bloom aplenty;
Hot vitriol has vented, legislators given last reasons,
Laws passed, innocent protected, justice meted to guilty.

     - end

Thursday, March 06, 2014


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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Be grateful - a flashfic

“And the Lord said, Behold! The land is complete and it is just and good...” The priest droned on.

Jebbudah let the words flow over his tired, sweating body. He was being allowed to sit, and there was even a bit of shade. The water maiden was seated for the time being, but thirst was not too overpowering. He rested, and listened. The priest droned on.

“The Amonites violated our sacred laws, and most grievously took from the King's stock of concubines. They have been punished on the field of battle, and our Lord has seen fit in his wisdom to grant us another swift victory.”

Another man seated next to Jebbudah lifted his battered head, one eye nearly closed from a recent beating. He snorted. “Hah. We snuck up on 'em, ambushed em is what it was.”

“Have a care, Zacker. Did the overseer not beat you enough today, that you wish more?”

“Hmph. True.” Zacker lowered his head, and then seemed to doze.

Sensible. Too soon it will be back to work, and dusk is a long way off. Best rest while I am able.

Jebbudah closed his eyes. The words rang out over them and their hundreds of fellow workers, all seated on low hills near the dias where the preist stood. He finished speaking, and then two guards presented the first of ten luckless Amonites – all recent captures. The man was forced to kneel, and look out over the gathering, straight ahead. His hair was grabbed and a sword drawn swiftly across his neck. Not even a chance to pray to whatever god he believed in, life spurted out of him swift. He was unceremoniously dropped forward, and pushed off the dias into a shallow pit dug for that purpose.

The next man was drug up, this time struggling and fighting. Two more guards came up from the rear, kicking and beating him, forcing him down. He finally ceased to struggle. He received the same swift death. And so it went.

Zacker opened his eyes, in time to see the last two succumb and be sacrificed. He cleared his throat, and spoke.

“You know, I used to work in a temple.”

“Is that so, Zacker? You never said.”

“Oh yes. There was always a place for a comely boy in the temples.”

“So what is your point, Zacker?” Jebuhdah grunted.

“In the beginning, God created Adam and Eve. We are all sons and daughters of Adam and Eve.” Zacker turned and fixed a gaze at Jebbudah.

“Yes, that is what we were all taught in Sabbath Classes. So?”

“So what kind of a god would divide his people so, and enslave some such as us into servitude, living so rudely. And others get exhalted, lording over us. We are all sons and daughters. What was our sin, Jebbudah? Why enslave us? We are mixed blood, no enemies of Judah.”

Jebbudah looked at his friend, battered, sweaty and bound to him as he was to the man on either side. Their owner did not want anyone running off before the workday was complete. Though the bounds were mere thin cords, they were but a reminder of the punishment befalling anyone trying to escape.

“What did we do, Jebbudah, except be born in the wrong tribe? What kind of creator would separate us like this?”

“I don't know, Zacker.”

They both silently watched the spectacle unfold. The ten fresh corpses were being set afire: A burnt offering to the Lord, the smell sweet to His nostrils. Jebbudah caught himself wondering, Did an omnipotent God, creator of the Universe, even have nostrils? The ceremony concluded, and a horrible smell finally wafted down over the assembled manservants. Thankfully a water maiden came by and gave them a drink, spiced with cinnamon and clover. The Priest kept yelling, “God is good. Be glad you are here. God is good. Be grateful to our lord!”

Then, the ceremony concluded, overseers with whips began to prod the assembled into motion again. “Fun time's over! Get back to work, you worthless lazy scum!” cra-ack!

The End

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Current Events - two cents worth

Just my two cents worth on some things, you can take it or leave it.

I don't know where we come off, telling Russia what to do along it's borders. To me, they have a legitimate military interest in armed unrest right on their border. As do we, right on our border with, say, Mexico and the drug gangs. We should butt out.

On a more local note: If we build it they will come. So we keep erecting apartment buildings in downtown Des Moines for the office workers. Only those rents seem astronomical, especially considering wages around here aren't going anywhere but sideways or down. Good luck with all the fancy-shmancy places. At least they will have a grocery store, whether or not they can afford the prices there.

Meanwhile, our city can't balance the budget, but must keep laying off people and cutting expenses. The franchise fee debacle is only the latest chapter. It seems that around a decade ago the State cut off some kind of aid for the city, and the city has been struggling ever since to recoup. Since the State Capitol and various office buildings all reside here, and the State is running a budget surplus, the least they could do is offer to help the city of Des Moines a little financial help. This city is supposed to be the top city of its kind in the nation, according to many recent magazine articles (like the ones in Forbes). And they can't ever make a budget balance, no matter how much they cut.

I applaud the city for all of the fine redevelopment that has taken place. But these ongoing budget struggles seem ridiculous. Oh sure, I'll vote for the franchise fee increase – better than an unfair property tax jump. But I find myself wondering how else they could get revenue. A user fee for some parks? I don't know the answer. It is just ridiculous how they constantly have to struggle.

This winter has been harsh, no doubt about it. But we have experienced many of these in the past. And just think, there will be less mosquitos and other bugs this summer, thanks to that killing frost. When we get another inch or two, people will kind of freak “More snow? Ohmigod!” But it isn't that bad. We can get through it. We will get through it.

Now if our government gets us into another world war over something stupid, that is a reason to get upset. Someone ought to test the water in DC, and make sure they aren't all hallucinating or something.

Thanks for reading.