Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bars, meter, rhythm tempo

So, I've been jiving and jumping, swaying and humming to beats and tunes all my life.  Somehow I got bitten by the bug even worse in my  "older days" and want to learn how to make my own music.   Well, have been making poetic "music" of a sort.  But now am in it for real.  It is so exciting to learn this mysterious new language of notes, beats, bars and so forth.   Just hope I have the persistence  (and brain cells) to pull it off enough to play some tunes on a piano keyboard.   And then, perhaps, just maybe if I am ambitious enough, to write a poem about it all.  wish me luck  :-)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Endless water on July 19th

Rain, rain, rain
It was supposed to be sunny.
Rain, rain, rain
What will happen to a camp-out?
Rain, rain, rain
So much for the drought.
Rain, rain, rain
Now farmers can't complain
rain, rain, rain
but they will anyway...
Rain, rain, rain
gonna need a rowboat to get home
Rain, rain, rain
driving us all insane.

Three and a half inches later,
sunshine! And then,

Heat, heat, heat,
bow sweaty head in defeat
Heat, heat, heat
Need an ice cold drink
and a good air conditioner too
Heat, heat, heat
Swimming pool makes life complete.
Heat, heat, heat
Will fall ever get here?
Of course it will,
and we know what comes after that.

Snow, Snow, Snow.
Bitter, frigid cold
Snow, snow, snow
Wind cuts you to the bone
Snow, snow, snow
Slipping on icy sidewalks
snow, snow, snow
Heating bills shoot up.
Snow, snow, snow
(We never seem to get a break.)

A few days during the year,
the weather is near-perfect.
Mild temps, lots of sunshine, low humidity, soft breeze;
Time to kiss the ground in thanks, cause we all know
it will not last.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

It is fun to share

Here is a picture of me,
it is me, plain to see.
If you want or if you care,
you may certainly share.

Share it high, share it low,
share it with a friend or foe.
Share it during the day, share it at night,
share it with kids who want a fright.

Share it with brown, black, white or gray,
Share it with transgender, lesbian or gay.
As you can see I really don't care;
Share it as much as you would ever dare!

If you even give a hoot, share, share share!
Then secret agencies can share it here and there.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016


Asiatic lilies are blooming profusely,
adding color and splendor to the yard.
Wildflowers and tomatoes grow larger,
soak up rain and heat, transform into
waves of color and fragrance.

Inside, a thorny computer problem
gets confronted and eventually solved.
Websites reconnect, and happiness reigns.
A friend is phoned and plans are laid,
optimism surges for next month.
Things seem to be looking up.

The markets tend to echo these things;
today they move up in various categories.
A delicious counter to the downer times,
Gradual upbeat movements give a thrill.

We orbited a piece of Iowa around Jupiter
yesterday, and it sent back a good result.
From deep in space to here on Earth,
life provides some sparkling rewards
for putting up with all of the bullsh*t.

Sometimes, the days are bright,
And events proceed well and good.
So glad that all is not “gloom and doom”
Things set in balance as they should.

Monday, July 04, 2016

New collection just out

My new writing spree just came out on - thanks for taking a look-see: