Monday, February 20, 2017

Palm Springs a delight to the senses

My eyes enjoyed the blue skies, bright sunshine and colorful flowers.
My ears enjoyed the tinkle of fountains, and the song of unfamiliar birds.
My nose enjoyed desert scents and the scent of good food being prepared.
My mouth savored many flavors of delicious meals enjoyed.
My body enjoyed swimming in pools and soaking in hot tubs, and the feel of warm sunshine
on my exposed skin in February – in a warm climate, of course.

My limbs enjoyed stretching themselves while hiking through desert, climbing on rocks,
walking along Andreas Canyon – or stretching out on that big king-sized bed in our room.

A vacation is a rare and special delight, even if it is expensive. Good to revisit it in memory frequently. May all who read this be similarly blessed to enjoy their own special vacation this year.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

What if...

I had a pleasant daydream the other day.

What if all nations of the earth
devoted their entire military budgets
to getting along and increasing human happiness?

What if everyone devoted the same intensity, ingenuity,
the same selfless dedication to improving the lot
of the Human Race, instead of destroying same.

The Earth might reach a level of happiness
unimaginable in prior ages. Major problems
like hunger, disease and environmental problems
could be wiped out by dedicated, concerted efforts
of all the worlds defense organizations.

Hell, even defense contractors could make boatloads
of money on new tech developed to clean up the Earth,
and feed the billions who are starving.

One can only imagine.

But imagine fast – the dark clouds of more wars gather.