Monday, March 23, 2015


Sinew and muscle and strain and bone,
I cut away bit by sawdust bit on the limb.
Breath coming in gasps, heart thumping along.
Showered by bark dust, shaking wobbly ladder.
Rest a while, catch my breath, then saw some more.

Staccato beat in my chest, wheezing breaths fast,
My mind wants to keep going, my body wants rest.
The brawny limb refuses to give way,
been there a hundred years, who am I to say.
But it broke and is hanging, will fall any day.

Determined old elm tree groans out in protest,
how dare you try and amputate me?
I grunt and gasp in response:
Your time has come and gone, old limb,
It is time for you to be finished off.

(addendum: It finally fell, after three days of sawing).

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

swimming in facebook space

and getting so comfortable there, I made a new nest.  Would you like to see?  Here it is:

Thanks for checking it out, and have a wonderful day.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Not one more war

No War,
No More.

Nethanyahu take your plans home,
leave us out of another killing zone.

Jews and Arabs and Persians
all have their very own versions
of right, twisted by hate perversions.

We do not want more of our kid's blood
dripping off of deaths altars in a flood.

Our nation is already bursting with
ill veterans who fought for your myth.

Take your war-kill-hate-the others home with you,
Our scarred land needs some respite from shrews.

The sun is shining on our worn and tired shores,
This Sunday is a good one for peace, not more wars!

Desperate people walking hungry decaying streets
desire nothing but a meal for the family, and Peace.


Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Late Winter Reading

New Venture -

Two young men stake their future on settling an asteroid out in the Kuiper Belt.  But they soon encounter something that changes the course of human history.      (adult material contained within.)

The Osmotics

A young man decides he does not want to be a part of a reverse-evolution experiment, and goes off in search of reversal surgery.  On the way, he encounters life-changing experiences.  (LGBT title).

A Strange Enterprise

A collection of speculative fiction.  What if we skipped Mars altogether and went for Jovian Moon exploration?   An alt-history romp, and other tales for your enjoyment.    (general reading)

Whatever you end up reading, enjoy it.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


It was 2015 already

The winter would just not quit...

There was that local city councilman who
called and got a ticket fixed – exposed by local news.
The tax hike pushed and passed by Republicans –
Then they promptly announced a new highway project.
Washington, D.C. legalized marijuana – and the mayor
got threatened by members of Congress.

There was Obama trying to get immigration reform done,
being fought tooth and nail by opposing forces.
That NFL player getting slapped down for swatting
his young son with a wooden stick.

Another famous person stripped down on stage,
during the Oscar awards celebration no less.

Scandal after scandal fueled much discontent.
and oh, yes, the weather was bitterly cold;
The outdoor environment was lousy too.

But –
Spring is right around the corner;
hopefully things will improve,
indoors and out.

 - end

Monday, February 23, 2015

Incremental wins the day

     It caught my attention the other day when some government RFP circulated for “game-changer” technology proposals for something or other, on a technology mailing list. Well, seems to me that most significant progress has been made in small steps. Rocketry had to start with black powder, then with rudimentary cryogenics. Scaled up to say, the V-2, it still took years to perfect. Then, scaled up further still, to orbit an astronaut. More years of hard work were required. From the early days of rocketry up to the first orbiting “Sputnik” took around 100 years.

The Internet could be said to have started with Morse code – the first effective transmission of information over wires, predating voice transmission. Sometime later the Baudot code was adopted for most teletype transmissions. This was a five-bit scheme of sorts. This was surpassed by other, denser communications technologies, culminating in the TCP-IP protocols used in the Internet today. From the earliest adoption of Morse Code up to early Internet experiments took over 100 years. (1844 to 1969-70).

The natural laws of physics we all are enfolded and entrapped by require us to go about things in a certain way. There is no “free lunch.” We must incrementally walk our development forward, in small steps. Eventually we get there. But the huge, amazing breakthroughs? Very rare, far and few in between. And often it seems we only make a major breakthrough because researchers have painstakingly laid the groundwork for us to do so.

Stunning game-changers would be nice. But it is the incremental groundwork that wins the day – in my humble opinion. Thanks for reading.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Cuttting Edges

Isis is the name of a two-edged sword,
with ideology to kill those it cannot convert.

The sword that slices will turn on its owner,
who will be diced and chopped by the errant
hands of fools wishing for paradise.

They rolled the dice and instead will be sliced,
sent to hell by those they would stick with malice.

The two-edged sword will turn on its owner,
slicing and dicing authors of religion by force.
Armaments of the west will crush the life out
of these desert vermin, leave remains for insects.

Sword that would slice, eaten by mere lice.
The worst human vice is to kill for paradise.

More charred, burned bodies in the desert.
Human flesh waste rots in the name of what?

No sense nor logic in fanatic religious beliefs,
they always seem to bring suffering and grief.

- end