Sunday, June 24, 2018


The salamander can automatically regenerate a limb. The hydra, a microscopic water animal, contains a lot of stem cells and can continuously regenerate itself – it is being studied for longevity properties.
     There are intangible things that also endlessly regenerate. The bright optimism of the young.
Glowing promises of politicians and salespeople. Hope of oppressed humanity everywhere that somehow, things will get better tomorrow than they are today.
     Oh, and hatred. Hatred is a ten-headed monster that endlessly regenerates, no matter how much love, tolerance or tit-for-tat we hurl at “it.” Repressive politicians promise justice and retribution. White Supremacists wave swastika flags, and sprout like dandelions all over the landscape. Mass migrations and refugee exodus happens over and over, with a predictable reaction, over and over.
     Us versus them, my tiny infraction is nothing compared to your major crime, get your uniqueness off of my unique patch of earth. Hatred springs eternal. Fortunately, like cold to hot, so does love. The duality of nature seems to go on forever. It is beyond comprehension to know when it will all end.

- end

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Summer Reigns

The bees, flies and mosquitoes know it,
flowering shrubs and weeds show it.
Birds sing melodious tributes to it,
Soft sprinkling breezes add a caress to it.

The warm season is here, high summer!
Festivals add their own gaiety and color,
outdoor concerts send aloft musical notes.
Live theater, picnics, gatherings of happy folks.

Highways are crowded with eager travelers,
plans made, executed, changed over and over.
Movie theaters pack them in with a new mega-show,
Even political machinations 'take a back seat' when
confronted with peoples summer celebrations.

Us creatures of usual habits and social certainties
emerge from our burrows and throw lawn parties.

Enjoy the ephemeral Iowa summer beauty,
before comes too soon another winters cruelty.


Thursday, June 21, 2018

pollinators going wild

Summer Solstice

Another June 21st,
Solistice has arrived.
The woods are lush with greenery,
birdsong suffuses the air.
A great time for a photo and video walk.

Enjoy the beauty.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Your Personal Infinity War

The young people today can view
mighty heroes of all kinds on the move.
They slay dragons, smite evil aliens,
take on mega-sized transforming monsters,
save the day and make the ultimate sacrifice.

A dying hero might mumble,
“Don't worry about me, just save Sarah
and get the jewels to Central Command.
They must destroy the black hordes to save
humanity for all time.”
Moviegoers or Streaming-watchers sit transfixed,
their minds grappling with such a supreme sacrifice.

But take heart, beleaguered colleagues!
Worry not, Christian soldiers and Freedom Fighters!
You do not have to face killer aliens,
giant demons or marauding Orcs.
Not even treacherous mob bosses or backstabbing
business associates. No, none of that.

All you have to do to change
the course of time and history is...

ready yourself........

Vote in the elections this November.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Evolution - will we lose the vocal cords?

First there were the PC's, all the rage.
Everyone wanted one – celebrities were touting them.
“Do your homework.”
“Save Recipes.”
“Learn programming!”

They matured, and became indispensable.
Then, the Internet burst upon the scene.
A novelty at first, it took around 20 years.
Now it is ubiquitous – everywhere.

The smartphone debuted in 2008.
ten years alter, they are all over the place.
Indispensable for many things.
What is next?

Some kind of wearables.
Glasses most likely.
Or those in combination with implantable
electrodes, lenses, memories.
And everyone will want one.

Typical college dorm room, 2118. A group of students are perched on the bed, or desk, or against a windowsill. They are all jacked in to a wireless device. Each is “seeing” a common space. They have learned to use brain interfaces to wi-fi tech. They are all seeing the same space, and their avatars are talking, or accessing the net, showing, sharing, enjoying video experiences. An alert pops up. They break trance, and unjack. The Dean is givign a common speech, and attendance is required. Even though he could transmit it to them all, old ways still have to be given their due. They disperse to their respective rooms, to perhaps clean themselves up a bit before meeting in the common area.
Higher-end gear allows for a more immersive experience. While dollar-store stuff only allows for crude outlines. But everyone gets a jack when they reach puberty, and they can be re-fitted every few years as one ages. This revolutionizes everything from controlling household bots to medical diagnosis, to socialization and even pornography. Vocal cords begin to get rusty as they are used less and less. Eventually humanity may not need these at all. Like cursive writing, polite conversation goes the way of the buggy whip.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Days Fast Passing

Our youthful faces leave no traces,
just the spaces
between widening pores,
and packed halls of memory stores.

The days pass and then they are done,
one by one – one by one.
Only good memories (and pains) remain.
Age presages me no longer being.
Nothing can prepare one for death.

How slow and dragging at times,
swift and fleeting upon recollecting;
I muse and smile, or reminisce and grimace.
Cannot sit still like a dead fly on the windowsill,
must rather raise and hover and seek like the dragonfly.

Make more memories in the tiny time that remains,
powerful flashes to fill the last legions of cells.
What can one do with limited funds and means,
make the meager resources count and stretch that last blast?
The Internet can tell and show and help and point,
Go on an adventure, take a cruise, feed a rave crave.

I'll make my last memories and you can make yours,
someday other scorekeepers will see who did best,
made moments last, had the most incredible last flash.
Time's arrow never stops, nor turns backwards,
We will ride that train to the very last brilliance,
and no one will mourn the fun we all had.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Imitating Leadership

Poor Nate,
his campaign must abate,
Will garner much hate,
and animosity.

Should he now just skate?
Just another sad reprobate?
There will be ferocious debate...

But oh, wait!
The Donald was accused of the same thing,
many times magnified - and he still won!
He is now our President!

So ignore the slings and arrows of fate,
do not dither or hesitate;
Go ahead and run, Nate!
You can win too - anything is possible these days.

Do not procrastinate - Go, Nate, Go!

Sad update - campaign cancelled - no more Nate
It is a shame - the other side will celebrate!