Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ballad of the new Pandemic

(tongue planted firmly in cheek - sense of humor on)

This is a tale of two doctors and a nurse,
who set out to help and came back much worse.

They went over to help, and brought back a plague.

One doctor went to Omaha and got a new serum,
He recovered and was cured, you should'a heard 'em.

They went over to help, and brought back the plague.

The other ended up in Texas and tragically died.
The relatives and the medical community cried.

They went over to help, and brought back the plague.

It was thought it stopped there, but alas was not to be;
A young nurse got infected, by some protocol breach.

They went over to help, and brought back the plague.

Now she is in isolation, and may not recover;
From the President on down, reassurances hover.

They went over to help, and brought back the plague.

Move over, climate change, forget the ISIS threat.
Any challenges from Russia will somehow get met.

They went over to help, and brought back the plague.

Economic disasters and stock market gyrations
do not really compare to pandemic mass infections.
For the time being a deadly virus has center stage,
Ebola threatens mortal fever, no matter your age.

 - end

Monday, October 06, 2014

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Experimental Tales

A Strange Enterprise

Shadow Intersection


Happy X-ray Trails

The day we saw x-ray trails
out among some Messier objects,
enthusiasm for space was re-born.

Rejuvenated and enhanced was our
excitement for exploring the greater cosmos.
Alien exhaust plumes really got our BP up.

A building frenzy took place overnight,
New populations arose on Moon and Mars,
spinning colonies scattered like spores out
towards the Kuiper belt and Oort cloud.

Although many understood that natures laws
are immutable across the Universe and time,
traveling ship captains were still surprised when
who should greet them in the vast beyond but
replicas of themselves.

Bipedal humanoids succeeded on other worlds, too.
Replete with qualities (good and bad) similar to us.
The wars began soon after. Ultimately the whole galaxy was
trashed with the scattered debris of warfare.

We never learn, no matter where we are.
Only our religion, way of life, belief system
is correct – theirs is foreign, alien, wrong.
Let the shooting begin. Let the dying keep on.
No one ever wins, until the whole universe
winds down and ends – in another


Saturday, October 04, 2014

Dissapearing Cranium

Where did you go,
Mysterious one - all head,
no body – no past - no future.
Why a girl?

You rose from flat to shimmer,
taking form and shape.
Although sculpted you
seemed to emerge from
another dimension,
Plensa's dexterous portal.

Wherever you went,
you carried the answers.
Left an empty space,
that filled up with questions
before someone shoved another
sculpture in to fill your place.

Poor substitute it is,
for your unending grace.
Perhaps someday we will
see you again, floating in space.

     - end

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Hamming it up

I decided to build a Ham Radio today,
A homemade set to transmit and receive;
Can hear overseas news without delay.

Momentous events carried on the relay,
Transmitted faster than I could conceive;
I decided to build a Ham Radio today.

Many other household projects defrayed,
intricate wiring and soldering achieved;
Now I can hear distant news without delay.

Remote greetings and frivolity also conveyed,
Cultural exchanges of new ideas to be believed;
It was a good time to build a Ham Radio Today.

Precise assembly instructions duly obeyed,
Successful operation left me greatly relieved.
Now I follow worldwide events without delay.

How many new folks I have met is hard to say,
dozens of QSL cards have already been retrieved.
I decided it was time to build a Ham Radio today,
Now I can track world events without delay.

- end

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Change in the Weather

Supposed to be sunny, they say.
Warm and balmy 70 degrees;
When morning arrives, so do the clouds.
Raindrops and wind soon follow.

Once in a while is forgivable,
but several times a week – condemnable.
Spring and Fall are unsettled of course,
so why don't they admit defeat and say,
“Folks we are just not sure what it will do.”

Honesty one can appreciate,
especially when assessing the weather.
Talking heads on TV can speculate,
turning leaves and caterpillars still do better.

- end

Monday, September 29, 2014

Comforting Frequencies

Clicking thru the options on a smart TV,
I select music channels, favored songs,
Youtube picks, documentaries, poetry...
Endless variety on MP3 players these days.

At times I may wonder what happened to
old-fashioned broadcast radio, AM and FM.
The AM band still exists, sustained by talk shows,
news, sports, weather and good old-time religion.

I listen in the car, gratified that this leftover beacon from
the 20th century is still there to inform, entertain and comfort.
My interest lasts anywhere from a few minutes to an
entire car ride. Then I shove a memory stick into the slot,
and await a thousand favored ambient tunes to begin.

It is good that the AM past is there, although
my focus still seeks the novel and unique.
These jaded brain cells crave stimulation.

AM radio is my shag carpet,
pleasurable to mental toes,
missed only when it is gone,
Taken for granted when present.

Like everything else.

 - end

Monday, September 22, 2014

Innocence and Guilt

We think we are all innocent, justifying our actions in some form of self-interest.
Yet we are all part of the problem, really guilty of something or other.

It is OK if I do it, but not you!
I can sin, cross the line, perform an indiscretion,
but, by God if you do it is the lead story for the 6-o’clock news.

We walk around, two signs hanging over our heads:
One announces Innocent, and the other pronounces Guilty.
We wrote the Innocent sign, but someone else authored the Guilty one.

Damned bystanders anyway.
What do they know.

- end