Thursday, September 21, 2017

They make an appearance at last

Planted the seed with a touch of bravado,
the narrow strip of dirt surrounded by Mums.
Still, I tended the strip, pulled away crabgrass,
watered them on occasion; hope persisting.

The summer wore on hot and dry,
the tall grasses hung over them,
They broke the soil, came up slowly,
stuck spindly leaf-ringed necks out.

No flower buds appeared,
so I gave them a last drink,
consoled self (the seeds only cost a dime!).
Pulled and culled everything else,
forgot about my lost little strip of snaps.

Then one day, the last day of summer,
I walked the yard, and looked around.
Two brilliant yellow flowers peeked
out from under a Sea Oats overhang.

They made it! My beauties bloomed,
despite all the odds, the insects and moles,
the drought and creeping charlie and crabgrass.
Two blooming beauties gracing a drab area.
A lovely treat to see on this last day of summer.

(And you can see them here too.)

- end

Thursday, September 14, 2017

WTF is going on

Privatization of medicare is leaving many untreated,
while providers go unpaid and chaos seems to reign.
What is happening?

Tax benefits are handed out to companies for a few paltry jobs,
while local homeowners and workers struggle to make ends meet.
What is happening?

State workers are being denied overtime,
while the state budget consistently runs in the red.
What is happening?

New apartment complexes are popping up all over,
with rents out of reach to all but the rich.
What is happening?

The cost of ground beef is skyrocketing, and other items too.
Meanwhile, wages are stagnant, or going down due to outsourcing.
What is happening?

Intelligent workers brought here as children are being deported,
a skilled labor drain in the midst of a labor shortage.
What is happening?

Medical insurance is out of reach for more and more and more,
existing plans are disappearing, nothing in their place.
What is happening?

Hang in there, everyone out there.

- end

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Can we cure the Hurricane Hangover?

Hurricanes, hurricanes, blowin in my mind.
Causing devastation, ruining many lives.
Why do we have to endure all of this hell?
Is it our climate destruction? Hard to tell.

Tornado season seemed like it lasted forever,
All those homes shattered into so much tinder.
Now we must endure another horrific season,
A bit of sunny weather comes a teasing.

Watch all of the resort towns get flattened,
No matter how many “hatches get battened.”
Will they go through the entire storm alphabet?
All of those rescue challenges yet to be met.

How many can our United States withstand,
Before collapse and anarchy rule our land.
It looks like we are soon going to find out,
though we pray and panic and scurry about.

Perhaps they should fill tanker planes with water,
fly them to great heights to freeze their payloads.
Then swoop over the megastorm and dump the ice,
calm those hot winds and make the weather play nice.

More expensive to do this and pay a huge cost,
or endure devastation and mourn those who are lost?
Something to consider as we hunker in our shelters,
we can take bold action to make the situation better.

- end

Monday, September 04, 2017

A good weekend

Social times with friends, a visit to a neighborhood bar, a picnic, even a moonlight hike.  What more could a guy ask of a long weekend   (except maybe an extra day or two.)    Thankful for a wonderful time.

...have had worse weekends  :-)   

Monday, August 21, 2017

A Faint Hope

So much global anger and division,
government arrogance and derision;
Many deaths result from one decision,
Career boost gained off military destruction.

Stars and ribbons and polished jutting chins,
swagger in rooms packed with high tech sweat.
A quorum is reached on territory to win,
lives to snuff for death's quota to be met.

Another adventure in some dusty Afghan province,
or propping up another regime in Baghdad?
Perhaps large bribes to area tribes to convince
them to attack Hezbollah and make Israel glad.

The players change places, retire and write books,
recount heroism repeated by predecessors.
New ones take over and “sink in their hooks,”
creating their own local ruling oppressors.

Perhaps they would listen to one of their own,
a general who fought many battles for peace.
Time to call Eisenhower's ghost back home,
give tired troops and bloody populations relief.

- end

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Listy listy listy

Links to my books for sale on Amazon etc - thanks for taking a look  :-)

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Crime Spree – poetry - Mike Wilson

A Strange Enterprise collection of speculations

Shadow Intersection - poetry

29 Stories – Kindle Edition – collection of short fiction:

- end

Friday, August 18, 2017

A historical find

Oh, how serendipitous, delightful it is to be idling by, digging through old notebooks and reading what my younger self wrote.  When I found this snippet of spontaneous poetry I wrote at age 27, when I was in love  (or at least infatuated).   Now you can enjoy it too.

"Years have gone by;
years of pain, suffering, loneliness.
I have searched, questioned, agonized.
Feelings came and went in a mad swirl of seeking.

Millions is the magic key; or is
it college; no, maybe electronics,
to create an intelligent machine for a pet.
How about plants, to “grow my offspring.”
Or catching fish to snag some good cheer.
Music, sweet music is always nice to hear
                             even when you're queer.

Love is the force I seek –
and into
its warm, bright, soft center I peek.
Money can't earn it. Business can't pay it.
Trees can't grow it. Art can't paint it.
Fishing won't catch it – music can only say it.
Love is the key to your soul."

I thought I was old or something - LOL.