Sunday, November 17, 2019

Captured Living

Some memories make me laugh,
like when a friend ran bare-assed into a river.
Others slap me again with the burn of embarrassment:
Walking into a meeting late, all eyes on me,
Sneezing and coughing during a poetry reading.

Some I forget easily, like long
tedious traffic jams or the edge of
a cupboard door hitting my head.

Some I choose to remember,
like when the Kirby salesman promised a quick clean,
then overstayed his welcome trying to sell one;
Inviting the wrong person into my home;
These so I won’t make the same mistake again.

Some I want to hang onto, to record;
Making love, slow and deliberate,
traveling to Palm Springs in February,
Dinner at China One or Olive Garden,
enjoying libations and great conversations
with some close and dear friends.

Time to stop reminiscing, the clock is ticking;
got to go out and make some new wonderful memories!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

November into January overnight

What do you do when November turns into January?
Balmy fall breezes turn into Arctic gales overnight?
Hunker down inside, insulate anything that isn’t yet?
Discover new binges on Netflix, threads on Facebook?
Let oneself eat more treats, after all ya need to fuel all
that shivering and snow shoveling somehow.

Leave the outdoor venues to those eager politicians;
I’ll watch them inside on the news.
I hope all the accidents and snowbanks are worth
a few more votes garnered.
It just seems too darned early for icicles and scandals
hanging over yards and people.

Wonder if it is snowing in Ukraine?
Do they have many snowplows?
Maybe they can do double duty,
plowing through all of the Lies and BS.

Think I’ll go watch that TV special about Mars:
One place colder and less hospitable than Iowa
at this particular point in time.
Who in their right mind would ever want to live
in a hostile, barren place like that?

Probably someone wanting to get away from all the
grandstanding politicians and their ridiculous promises.

Monday, October 28, 2019

What Escape

Time to pull the zinnias, prop up mums that linger on;
Insulate, cover windows, get out shovel and scraper.
November’s cold breath raises goose bumps,
thoughts of snow and ice dead ahead.
Just so not ready for this weather crap.

But I should be, since it has been
weather upheaval all year long.
Heavy snowfalls, ice storms, torrential rains,
repeat flooding events, whole towns inundated.
Not global warming or cooling, but both:
Climate Change is real, and overwhelms all.

Just hope that our city, state, and country can
figure out some mitigation, or at least refuge strategy.
Severe weather is one onslaught from which there is no defense.
Sure glad I don’t live on the coasts (until next tornado season, that is.)

Let’s see how far we are able to colonize space,
before the Earth eliminates us for good,
the human pestilence,
Homo Sapiens Infection.

See you at the launch pad if we’re lucky.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019


White House refuses to co-operate:
No wonder, is there any surprise?
They ignore the law anyway;
welcome to the rule of law’s demise.

People jockey and careen down roadways
in their modern chariots, trying to outdo each other
in so many ways at once;
hope they are keeping up with their social networks.

The city is always under construction,
never getting finished,
new projects pop up and old ones die
before even seeing the light of day.

Folks are laid off and re-purposed,
everyone broke in this roaring economy;
hunting down that last discount fast
before it disappears.

Putin and Jinping must be having quite a chuckle,
watching Britain and the United States tear themselves apart
with partisanship and bickering;
Liberal democracies foundering on the shores of our own self-hatred.

We can treat each other with rude disdain,
but we had better treat our animals well,
or risk some serious legal troubles.
Maybe PETA should take over the White House.

When we suck the last drop of oil out of our domestic wells,
and watch the price skyrocket,
will we have an electric infrastructure to take over?
Who will get the most blame, Republicans or Democrats?

The past can be fascinating,
the present makes me dizzy;
The future is frightening;
See you on the other side – if we survive.

Monday, October 07, 2019


The floor all looks the same,
yet I can still tell where I am located.
Loud sounds of rectifiers,
elevator rushes, hums and thumps,
Steady whine of fluorescent light ballasts.
Here a row of desks, over there a bank of signalling wires.

Over a dozen floor entrances are burned into my brain
like that afterimage on some old TV screen.
Some slight change, a new lock, or a new door hinge
can momentarily halt me – then I process the change and move on.
I glide through the floors, dust mopping or emptying trash,
mind’s autopilot works flawless until there is a sudden change.

On days when there is no significant interruption,
I swiftly flow through my routine,
then wonder how lunchtime got here so fast.
Other days problems disrupt my flow, and
I wonder when some nightmare of a morning will end.

Someday I’ll be retired, away from all of this;
Will I miss it?
Or will it be good riddance, and easily forgotten.
I would rather clean nowhere else but this,
or a place like it – already clean for the most part.

It is a part of my internal mental world-model,
suppose I’ll dream about it years after I do leave.
Despite any kind of contempt I may feel,
familiarity is often convenient and comforting.
Think I’ll be here,
my home away from home,
for quite a while yet.

Sunday, September 08, 2019

Only Human

I’m sorry that my teeth are missing,
sorry I’m not quicker on the uptake,
Regret not being faster with wit,
or that I miss something if distracted.
After all, I’m only human.

I’m sorry that I don’t have more money,
sorry my car is not aging very well.
Sad that my job occupies a menial slot,
and I can’t go on expensive vacations.
After all, I’m only human.

Sorry for any insults or slights given,
Sorry if I’ve made anyone feel bad,
or inferior, or left out or any negative thing;
sincerely regret that I’ve come to hurt others.
But please understand, I’m only human.

Sorry if my house is little, in need of repairs,
Sorry if my yard doesn’t always measure up.
Sorry if my wardrobe is years out of date,
sad with regret that I can’t always relate.
The only excuse I have is that I’m an imperfect human.

But I am so grateful for those who forgive me
for any slights or insults given, and stay by my side.
Very grateful for the luxuries I have, and for my cat.
Grateful for a steady income, and a comfortable place;
I am far better off than many other human beings.

Please accept these apologies, and appreciation too.
For I am lucky to have some friends, that special few
who overlook my deficiencies and accompany me,
as we travel into age’s far boundaries together.
We are still alive together, us determined humans.

Onward into the third decade of the 21st century we
will walk, hobble or struggle. The sights ahead
promise to be amazing, or at least not at all dull.

(ADD:  Saw this snippet on a billboard today:

             "You are Human,
               you are loveable,
               you are strong;
               That is enough."

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Modernity adaptivity

Ah, streaming technology…

Where I can watch programs in Russian, Chinese (Mandarin?) , Norwegian, Spanish,
all subtitled, some better than others. Creative visions from around the world.
I can have twenty programs in process of being watched, so when I’m in a horror or comedy or adventure mood, I stop one program and go onto the desired one.
Then there is Youtube on the computer,
Short or long documentaries on any subject,
fan-fiction or fan-factoids or simple rants.

As I write this installers are laying the foundations for 5G cell networks around town,
cranking download speeds on a phone up to 100-300MBPS and more.
As one who is on the wrong side of 60 now, I stand awed on this technological mountain,
none of which existed when I was a teenager,
and under the impression that then was a high point of technical civilization.

Where will it all lead? Who knows.
The world may wipe us out with climate change,
or we may be able to arrest the worst effects and survive it.
How long will the human race last?
We have beaten the odds before.

Maybe someday people will live to be 200,
and then not really want to be around to see the mess they have made.
The future should be interesting, surely not a dull affair.