Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bars, meter, rhythm tempo

So, I've been jiving and jumping, swaying and humming to beats and tunes all my life.  Somehow I got bitten by the bug even worse in my  "older days" and want to learn how to make my own music.   Well, have been making poetic "music" of a sort.  But now am in it for real.  It is so exciting to learn this mysterious new language of notes, beats, bars and so forth.   Just hope I have the persistence  (and brain cells) to pull it off enough to play some tunes on a piano keyboard.   And then, perhaps, just maybe if I am ambitious enough, to write a poem about it all.  wish me luck  :-)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Endless water on July 19th

Rain, rain, rain
It was supposed to be sunny.
Rain, rain, rain
What will happen to a camp-out?
Rain, rain, rain
So much for the drought.
Rain, rain, rain
Now farmers can't complain
rain, rain, rain
but they will anyway...
Rain, rain, rain
gonna need a rowboat to get home
Rain, rain, rain
driving us all insane.

Three and a half inches later,
sunshine! And then,

Heat, heat, heat,
bow sweaty head in defeat
Heat, heat, heat
Need an ice cold drink
and a good air conditioner too
Heat, heat, heat
Swimming pool makes life complete.
Heat, heat, heat
Will fall ever get here?
Of course it will,
and we know what comes after that.

Snow, Snow, Snow.
Bitter, frigid cold
Snow, snow, snow
Wind cuts you to the bone
Snow, snow, snow
Slipping on icy sidewalks
snow, snow, snow
Heating bills shoot up.
Snow, snow, snow
(We never seem to get a break.)

A few days during the year,
the weather is near-perfect.
Mild temps, lots of sunshine, low humidity, soft breeze;
Time to kiss the ground in thanks, cause we all know
it will not last.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

It is fun to share

Here is a picture of me,
it is me, plain to see.
If you want or if you care,
you may certainly share.

Share it high, share it low,
share it with a friend or foe.
Share it during the day, share it at night,
share it with kids who want a fright.

Share it with brown, black, white or gray,
Share it with transgender, lesbian or gay.
As you can see I really don't care;
Share it as much as you would ever dare!

If you even give a hoot, share, share share!
Then secret agencies can share it here and there.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016


Asiatic lilies are blooming profusely,
adding color and splendor to the yard.
Wildflowers and tomatoes grow larger,
soak up rain and heat, transform into
waves of color and fragrance.

Inside, a thorny computer problem
gets confronted and eventually solved.
Websites reconnect, and happiness reigns.
A friend is phoned and plans are laid,
optimism surges for next month.
Things seem to be looking up.

The markets tend to echo these things;
today they move up in various categories.
A delicious counter to the downer times,
Gradual upbeat movements give a thrill.

We orbited a piece of Iowa around Jupiter
yesterday, and it sent back a good result.
From deep in space to here on Earth,
life provides some sparkling rewards
for putting up with all of the bullsh*t.

Sometimes, the days are bright,
And events proceed well and good.
So glad that all is not “gloom and doom”
Things set in balance as they should.

Monday, July 04, 2016

New collection just out

My new writing spree just came out on - thanks for taking a look-see:

Monday, June 27, 2016

It amazes me

I move into a house in a lower-income neighborhood. People around me move, and new ones eventually move in. They act like it is their own corner of the earth. And when I try and talk to them, they are hostile, cool. As though I was not here first, as though I were some interloper threat. When it is they who are new compared to my time here. But they want to put up their fence and have their own little corner of suburbia, here in the 'hood. Fine and dandy. But show a little consideration for those who have been here far longer than you. Or at least talk to us in a civil manner, and not make nasty cracks and remarks behind your fence.
     On that score, some of the comments I hear from younger people are so irritating. As though my knee brace were some prop – they don't realize the knee pain I must battle daily to keep functioning. It is so easy when you are young, to judge those older and to expect perfection from them. One has to age and go through more of life to experience the loss and pain that helps transform one into an older person, as much as time alone does.

     Many times it requires an effort of will to simply go out and tend my yard anymore. I can remember in my 20s and 30's, gardening for others, and pining away for my own piece of property. But in the two times I have owned my own yard, both times have been less than ideal. There is always some neighbor unhappy about whether I cut something down, or not cut something down, or put in a new garden plot, or somesuch. There are always sarcastic or downbeat comments. It seems as though I am being mentally prepared to like life in some apartment or condo now- just as I perhaps was prepared to have a yard earlier in life. But I am never prepared for treachery, or baseless cruelty or bullying. Truly, I now understand why people go off the deep end, and open up with weapons. Nothing I do is ever enough for some critics. If only I could silence them, everything would be so much nicer, or easier to endure.

     As a disclaimer, I never go out into the yard nude, or shouting anything, or any other provocation. I simply go out to maintain my property. And someone just feels like they have to comment in some fashion. Once in a great while, people are gone, and that is a blessed comfort. I can go out and mow, weed, or whatever in the absence of criticism. That is once in a great while. If only the people with families would understand that I am no threat to them or their children. Rather, I could be a valuable friend, sharing my experiences as a gardener and homeowner. But people seem to have this black-and-white viewpoint and see me as the black hat for some reason. (If only I were exactly like them then they might approve???) But people are all different. I have no answer – but it feels good to complain about it. Some things never change.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Trip to International Falls

       I set out very early Wednesday morning, anticipating a long drive. Since traffic was light, luck was with me, and I made good time. Actually made it to International Falls at 3:05 P.M. (Time zone did not change.) Got checked in, rested, then had an early dinner at the Chocolate Moose, a local establishment right next to my hotel (Day's Inn). Good food and service, prices comparable to Des Moines. It was raining steadily from when I arrived until later that evening. But I was excited, wanting to tour.
     So I visited the downtown a bit, found a museum (closed), and then located Voyageurs Park headquarters. Took some pics there, then drove down 11 East to explore some public areas. Glad I did, for when I went out Wednesday morning, I knew where some good spots were to take pictures, dip my feet in the water, and even fish a bit. My line-tying skills were rusty, but improved with practice. Figured if you're gonna fish, you might as well fish in an excellent area like the one I was in.
Later Wednesday, I drove around, taking pictures. I Hiked the Overholzer trail at Rainy Lake area, and took lots of pictures. Then drove on out to Dove island, dipped feet in at a public area, and then (on my way back) waded at City Beach in Ranier. Ranier is a touristy area just 2 miles East of Int'l Falls, full of local charm. Took more pics, then got stuck by a train there. Finally, back to the hotel for a rest.
     Wed afternoon, got the MN state map out, and noticed the proximity of Lake of the Woods, just west. So it was back in the car, and off to points west. After an hours' drive, I was near a state park. I saw lots of lovely coves and docks, and many streams that Hwy 11 crossed over, and some pretty waysides by the Rainy River (that is its name.) All the while, I was skirting the border with Canada, just across the river. Decided to go in the State Park at the bottom of LOTW. After another long drive down a narrow gravel road, I finally found the beach. But was handsomely rewarded with spectacular views of the Lake of the Woods. Fortunately, before I set off, I had put on swim trunks under my clothing.
     I parked, found a good spot near the beach, and shucked the clothes. Waded into the cool water. It was shallow, and I had to wade out quite a ways to submerge. It felt great, to swim in the Lake of the Woods. (Only 45 years after my father brought us here to fish on a houseboat.) But when I got out, I discovered a lot of biting flies and bugs wanted to dine on me for dinner. Still, that is the price of being out in the wilds of the far northern US. Got more great pics, and a couple of videos. After an hour of that, I decided it was time to go. The biting insects hastened my decision somewhat.

On the drive back, I snapped a few more pics of Rainy River. There were several pullover stops I skipped, including one where there are rapids flowing into the river. Lots of places to go see on a return visit!
      I returned to the hotel, feeling satisfied that I had seen and done quite a bit, on a budget too, no less.
I celebrated with a pizza in my room, then turned in early. Friday was going to be a full day of driving back.

Friday, I returned via a different route, taking 53 south around Duluth, enjoying views of Lake Superior. Then it was down thru Wisconsin to Eau Claire and 94. Then a jog west off HWY 10, 25, finally crossed the Mississippi at Wabash. Saw more scenic views of Upper Miss bluffs area. (Note to self, another drive there). Then 61 to 90, 90 to 35, and 35 home. 
       A whirlwind trip, lots of things seen along the way. And 385 pictures taken, give or take a few. I was again amazed at all of the natural beauty up in our northern states, and recommend the trip to anyone reading this.

Thanks for reading.