Monday, January 15, 2018

Of time and Passing Relatives

Where did they go so soon?
Mother and father, aunts and grandparents,
Favorite great-uncle with all his stories,
even if we had to stay out of their yard.

That other uncle who taught their
poodle to say prayers on our redwood stool.
Those events that zipped by, but now are cherished
gems of nostalgia warming my heart.

Even though ever more of them are gone,
the memories tell me that I was part of
a large loving family with much shared joy.
The few remaining should know how special
those memories they made are in the present time,
with so much impersonal brutality coming at us.

Slogging into an ever-uncertain future,
more and more value resides in a
often-wonderful past enjoyed by us.

Even though childhood is peppered
with the urgency of getting to school,
sports practice, this or that or summer camp,
some specific moments of warmth
are irreplaceable, and so valuable.
Thanks to our relatives our lives seem
ever more special and blessed.

    - may you be so fortunate.

Rest in Peace, Marilyn

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Stopped Dead Center

A cold day, my old day.
What should I do free day.
So many fragments of should,
ought to, could do, might do.

Rationalize rest, a day off, take a break,
watch some tube, meditate on things.
So I get up. walk around, pick at things.
As long as there is tonight's date to look forward to,
there seems little point in making the day difficult.

However, that 20th century productivity nag will
not be silenced in my head, so I finally
go out to cash in some bottles and cans.
There, satisfied, damned gnawing conscience?
Even when I'm not at work, part of me is still
always at work. May be time for (another) nap.

- end

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Feline Hardware

     Her eyes reflect ambient light, illuminating dark hallways. Her ears scan for noises, her green lamps flicker this way and that, her paws are sensitive instruments detecting vibrations and variations on the ground. Even her tail is an aero sensor, flicking around, perhaps feeling disturbances in the aether. She is not so much a “cat” as a collection of finely honed, evolved detectors that warn of attackers, or let her know where something good to eat may be located.
Perhaps all of that hardware and software is wasted in the house. The worst she must fear is my petting, grabbing hands. The most effort she expends getting a meal is following a familiar trail to the feeding dish, or maybe to a plant to chew on some more. Still, I am there to appreciate what a wonderful collection of evolution, learning and feline craft she represents. Aren't I the lucky one?

Her eyes are bright metaphors, enlightening the way.
Her ears sharp radars mapping her environment.
Her nose sniffs a reasonable way forward.
Her tail tickles the ether, and resonates with the cosmos.
Her paws can step on anyone's skin or feelings, and
sink claws in as deep as she feels necessary.

Cleopatra had no less power – perhaps the two are related.



Tuesday, January 02, 2018

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Monday, January 01, 2018

New year Haiku

It is a new year, and one of my resolutions is to have better control over my facial expressions. Time will tell. Meanwhile, here are some Haiku on that subject. Thanks for reading them.

I don't think I'm cool,
the grimace on my face says
“I'm trying, people.”

Who “thinks he is cool?”
cannot help what my face does;
it's just me coping.

Sorry if I offend;
Sixty does strange things at times.
Intentions are good.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Holiday Wishes

First snowfall of the year graces our lands,
Colorful lights twinkle and sparkle;
Cheery-eyed youngsters gather round television
Christmas specials, and root for Rudolph again.

They nibble cookies and gobble candy,
hunt around for package hiding places.
Soon it will be time to tear off wrappings,
and see what Santa has given them this year!

Holiday happiness left a permanent mark on
many of our psyches – peace, goodwill and happy thrills.
Even the most hardened will soften a bit when
confronted with tables of goodies and joyful music.

Another holiday time is here, and fills us with good cheer;
If only we could forget January, and winter's cruel sneer!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Seven Days of the Week

Monday humdrum unpleasantness,
first day back at the grind,
throw yourself into problem-solving,
Try to fix things, stretch your mind.
It will soon be over, just like Saturday.

Tuesday is “get into the groove” day,
Work with various contractors,
dig deep into tough problems.
The day moves fast, and then it ends.

Wednesday, hump day, hope glimmers.
You fend off hassles and conundrums,
even as you peer ahead and spy a
coming weekend on the horizon.

Thursday, hopefully an easy day,
Problems come up and are
knocked down impatiently,
"get out of my way, I have a weekend
to make it over to!"

Friday, hooray!
Workingman's weekly holiday,
cheerful optimism day,
even if it gets busy, studded with problems.
You whiz through them,
gritting teeth, “know it won't be long.”
The end of the day blossoms,
and you trot out of work,
Steps light and spirits high.
Hopefully the weekend will
equal your soaring anticipation.

Saturday, saturnalia day, cheerful
run errands and ponder night's play.
The afternoon drags if nothing is going on.
Visits to home improvement places,
grocery shopping, car repair, yard work.
Then perhaps a nap, and on to the night's
special activities, whatever these may entail....

Sunday, sleep in day two.
Recover from Saturday's excesses,
clean up the place, go to meeting,
beg for forgiveness, or not.
Lazy afternoon relaxing,
perhaps yard work and errands.
Sunday night TV viewing,
perhaps a late social encounter.
Then eat a snack and get to bed.

Monday is coming, rearing its ugly head.
And you just know it will not be pleasant.
But we have been here before, and
survived it (just last week.)

Here we go again!