Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dressing in Memory

Memory Shirt - for April 26th

Time to get dressed for the writers salon,
Need a wardrobe to match power creativity;
I excavate through the closets and racks,
There has got to be a perfect match.

Aha! There it is, that shirt I wore in Chicago,
back in the nineties with Hal and Dennis;
we turned heads parading down Halsted,
somehow, I felt eyes aplenty bore into me.

Were they wanting to rob or hurt me?
More like curiosity tinged with interest:
who is this stranger wearing a poly chromatic
shirt with all those speckles, hues and tones?

That afternoon was full of wonder for me as well,
taking in all the sights and sounds of the district.
After a whirlwind night of drink and laughter,
I remember making it back to the hotel around 3 AM.

The shirt came out only rarely since then,
such were the memories imbued thereon:
Why spoil them with more pedestrian fare?
But this day, this Salon seems worthy enough.

So out it comes, and I launder it with care.
It sparkles and catches the light so fine - wet;
I toss it in the dryer with a few other items,
and then get involved in other matters.
It dries to a crisp, and shrinks apace,
the aged material just not up to the heat.
My once-fine shirt has lost a size...
And I have gained at least two,
since those halycon days.
Twenty years ago.

Back to the racks I go,
hunting for a last-minute compromise.
They will surely understand;
they are writers after all.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ars Poetica Iowa

Ars Poetica En Extremis - for April 25th

One short snappy write about a circus
got some chuckles and grins;
Another spinning dervish garnered smiles,
before a critic brought it crashing down to earth.

Long-ago family feud engendered silent treatment,
a short snippet on surgeons snipping got admired.
Jazzy staccato couplets kept us wide-eyed with wonder,
Then night visions encased us in star-studded blackness.

The fast rush of time spat out an eight-line refrain,
a falling leaf dancing captivated one insightful writer.
A woman's dress became the all-enveloping sea,
The weatherman inflicted more and more misery.

A boy's night out to the serial thrillers collided with
Ekphrastic visions of a still-life dinner, both winners.
From all these fellow ponderings there was no escape,
rather my brain was infused with this poetry landscape.

My mind swam through another IPA workshop today,
Then the dazed body stumbled out to a grocery foray.
Always delightful to spend time with authorial intellects,
They get my attentive respect, and I gain new knowledge to project.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Flower Homicide

Abused Flowers – for April 24th

What is that I hear?
The usual clod coming along,
going to dig up all of my friends,
maybe me too. It figures – right about this
time of year when I'm trying to bloom.

I feel the vibrations, hear his digging and
grunting, pulling at innocents – can you hear
their cries? He ignores the screams and yanks
away, killing many and caring not at all.

But I am a plant he normally passes over.
He likes my blooms – it is why I try so hard.
Some cruel instrument is dislodging family now;
I feel and hear it getting closer...

Aaaaarrrrrghghgh – I am doomed!
(Hmm, the air feels different than the soil)
I want to scream, “is it worth killing all of us
for your stupid, petty little tomato plants?”
But of course I don't have lungs.

So I just fly through the air, land
onto the pile of mulch where he threw me,
and try to look pretty and dignified.
What else is a dug-up, discarded Viola to do?
(Darn humans anyway – they always have to screw things up)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hollywood 70s

Hollywood 70s - for April 23rd

Take a giant mixing bowl,
throw disparate individuals from
Detroit, New York, Los Angeles,
Add music, concerts and deals,
sprinkle liberally with illicit drugs...

Tame folk acts quickly give way,
wild bloody naked crazed scream theater
comes flying off stage and out of speakers;
Goodbye plain vanilla, hello psychedelic swirls.

Say hello to the new Vaudeville,
1970's style. “I'm a killer and I'm a clown.”
It lasted long enough to see several stars OD.
When enough of the leaders died or went into
rehab, the impetus went out of the movement.

Disco reared it's disliked presence,
Studio 54, lines of coke in the restroom,
flaring dancing pants, even a duck was dancing.
A last gasp of a brief fiery drugged-up rebellion
felt far and wide around the world.

The 80's came and conservatism reacted,
technology flourished and people moved on.
New battles came with new actors, including
a bloodborne virus that took center stage.
The wild abandon of the 1970's faded or changed.

No more long-haired, barefoot and carefree,
we the youth of the 70's had to grow up.
By the 1990's many had teenagers of their own,
rebelling in their own ways, fighting their own battles.
A wild amazing time faded or was mocked on TV.

Every so often a documentary will take one back
to the days when the only real concerns were which
drug to take and where the junk food is hidden.
While it is a relief to not be trapped in that world,
a quick re-visit can engender a wistful sigh.

Wow, what an era that was! Glad I made it out alive.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Up and Up and Up

Fees Ever Escalate - for April 22nd

It starts with a plan duly researched,
charts and spreadsheets present a “yes;”
Then funding must be secured to move
ahead – so some fees and taxes are raised.

It is hoped that the splendid new thingamabob
will bring exited crowds and lots of money here.
So you deprive working-class folk – small sacrifice,
to bring perceived benefits to everyone.

When we get the High Elves to come to town
and spread their fairy dust around;
all will be made whole, all will be well.
We just have to get the ball rolling here and now.

But it rarely seems to work out that way,
and one project propagates another.
The new convention center needs a new hotel;
the new condos and lofts need a grocery store.

If and when greater numbers do relocate here,
and spread their magic munificence around,
guess what? We will require more infrastructure
to accommodate them – streets, freeway ramps,
parking ramps, so on and so forth.

So, fees must be raised again. The future is always
just out of reach, and the present sees costs ever rising.
Not sure what the answer is, but the pattern seems clear:
No one comes out a definite winner, and we seem to have
no good alternative to what we set forth.

Happy Earth Day everyone.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

the force makes a comeback

Star Wars 1976 to 2015 - for April 21

Star Wars approaches middle age!
Turning forty is not always fun,
whether you are a person or a
money-obsessed sci-fi franchise.

When it was new it was really good,
fresh-faced actors and an operatic plot;
good and bad easily discerned, we knew
exactly who to root for all the way.

Angelic beautiful people fighting
heartless demons, taking orders from
a hissing black-cloaked devil. But wait -
could even the most evil be redeemed?
Of course he could be – and was.

Now we have more coming,
the same dated graphic title
looking more and more like a
yellowing flea-market package.
One can almost smell the dust.

But we will go, us boomers who
remember how we felt on first seeing
the movies, how fun they were,
whether we were stoned or not.
May the force of something or other
be with us as we spend and spend and spend.

Monday, April 20, 2015


Comes Around Again - For April 20th

They pop up with unfortunate regularity,
these first days of the old workweek;
Us lucky people who have a five-day
schedule starting on Monday must cope.

Monday Morning! Time to hit the bricks,
get on the road, catch that bus and head out...
First day of the week, hopefully you got sleep.
If only those weekends could last forever
we would all be retired or unemployed.

But Mondays make us appreciate Fridays
as a virtual weekly holiday of anticipation.
The flip side of Monday misery, Friday frolics!
Just have to grind out the first day, then it is downhill.

What about those shift workers who go in
the afternoon, as the Morning workers go home?
Or overnighters, who still have several hours
before they go in to work? They face it later.

And then the day ends:
After work is so sweet,
kick off those shoes,
sip your beverage of choice,
prepare dinner and then relax.

You have earned it!