Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Imitating Leadership

Poor Nate,
his campaign must abate,
Will garner much hate,
and animosity.

Should he now just skate?
Just another sad reprobate?
There will be ferocious debate...

But oh, wait!
The Donald was accused of the same thing,
many times magnified - and he still won!
He is now our President!

So ignore the slings and arrows of fate,
do not dither or hesitate;
Go ahead and run, Nate!
You can win too - anything is possible these days.

Do not procrastinate - Go, Nate, Go!

Sad update - campaign cancelled - no more Nate
It is a shame - the other side will celebrate!

Friday, May 18, 2018

crazy days here

Warmer weather has finally arrived;
no more ice traps thrown across our paths.

Now it is idiot-time, mayhem-season.
When booming beats vibrate from cars,
drunken fools snarl the highways,
drug parties sprout up like noxious weeds.

Bonfires color and smudge the night sky,
hollering voices punctuating smoky air.
Gunshots stitch through the night madness,
wrecks litter pavements with anonymous debris...

And emergency rooms admit patients with
little information other than a fake name.
Five'o'clock news titillates with tragedies,
and we shake our heads in wonder, thinking
“Where has our civilization gone?”

The line between “exciting” and “deadly”
thins all the time, becoming invisible.
More tragedies, scores and grudges settled,
futures eliminated with hidden handguns.

Party on, misguided souls, and thin the gene pool.
I won't stand in your way:
I'll be home behind a locked door,
watching your mug shots parade past on the news.

Part of me will pine away for the peace,
quietude after a thick blanket of January snow
descends upon our fair city, putting us to rest.

- end

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Always a critic

But someone has to say it   *grin*

There exists a triangular swath of bottomland,
right next to a busy highway, marked as a preserve.
The rumble, growl and whoosh of countless cars
serenades a few blackbirds as they flit around.

The spot of wetland has a gravel trail through it,
leading to a raised viewing area. One can look thru
binoculars to see various birds shown on information plaques.
If any are around.
I have never seen any large birds there,
despite visiting many times.

Perhaps all of the growling, snarling motors
tend to discourage any waterfowl from
taking up residence at the preserved site.
Kind of like people.

Would you want to build a house right next
to a noisy highway? Didn't think so.
Neither would I.

Have a good Monday.

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Happy five-one

closer to payday.

Dance around the maypole,
dodge all the raindrops and lightning bolts.
For some of us it is just another birthday.

International Workers Rights day,
started in the US, adopted by the commies,
honored by loyalty day in the 1950s.
Venerated in some fashion by most of us.

To me it means balmy breezes,
no jacket worn outdoors,
trees and shrubs exploding with fragrant blossoms.

Presages a month when one just wants to move outdoors,
live under some beautiful tree,
forget all the problems and concerns
that will, nevertheless,
rear their ugly January-like heads.

Happy warm weather day everyone.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Life, artificial and real

Living systems are electro-chemical and have evolved to originate from sensory and feeding. Layers of awareness are stacked on top of each other. These have originated from the earliest forms of protolife – to feed, avoid dangers, and reproduce. Even the most sophisticated robotic systems can not be alive like our “wetware” or electrochemical selves that have evolved from primitive sensory systems. They will always be artificial constructs of ourselves.
Now if, like Dr. Frankenstein, we manage to create unique forms of biological life that could function as added memory, or increased muscle strength, that is different. These would be wetware created by the superior wetware, or rather, us. Perhaps future AI systems will be a hybrid of both, using the advantages of each, biological and electronic. There are already nano-systems being studied down at the molecular level, from my understanding. The future will be startling, to say the least.

- stay fresh, everyone

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Alien Triple-X musing

*** Adult subject matter ***    You have been warned.

Alien Sexual Fantasy

When a blow-up doll is not enough,
when dildoes become simply passe;
electrical stimulators get too rough,
sexual partners become ho-hum, everyday.

Perhaps it is time to try something new,
if you can find the right extraterrestrial.
Get wrapped in an ameoba, like a foot in a shoe,
every orifice can be filled with vibrating joy.

If an extraterrestrial is not available,
you might have to make one yourself.
It should be pliable plastic and fit around
you, insert-able into every place you want it.

Warm and soothing and stimulating,
surrounding, penetrating and comforting;
You might get so attached to your new
friend that no human lover will compare.

So go ahead, find malleable plastic,
roll the dice.
Just think, all that sex,
and no risk of crab lice.

 - end

Monday, April 16, 2018

Hopeful Outlook

Bezos' Blue Origin is preparing to explore the yonder,
While Musk and SpaceX loft regular payloads;
Xcor and Sierra Nevada build mini-shuttle hardware,
preparing to send tourists to play in weightless abodes.

Back on Earth, technology advances relentless,
average Joe's and Jane's have to master and adapt;
Shiny, flashy toys help them in this intricate task,
Their children soak in the new, enthused and rapt.

Thus society transforms year after year.
New ways of consuming and entertaining
manifest and become routine, methods clear.
We counteract bad consequences, maintaining
our status quo, climate change notwithstanding.

If we can ignore the loud drums of war,
perhaps we can survive, and keep humanity standing!