Tuesday, November 21, 2017

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Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Sabbath Stroll (fleeing guilt gremlins)

I was refreshed after a delightful November hike;
That cut-off tree stump didn't care that
I interrupted Laura during Humanist Meetup,
the tree limb arching over the trail didn't
accuse me of slighting someone at work.

Sunshine continued to illuminate the leafy path,
throwing shadow reeds at my feet,
the breeze gently freshened the air
for my breaths, the river still glinted
reflecting multicolored hues to enjoy,
no matter what faux pas I committed
yesterday, last week or last month.

The forgiving ground yielded before my
steady footsteps, the trail unwound north,
then westerly, before turning back.
A discovery of piles of bricks, surrounded
by modern castoffs, was an interesting highlight,
taking thoughts off my blunders and errors.

The forest forgave me,
and then absorbed me
in all its subtle November
beauties, and I exited refreshed,
renewed, if a bit tired. Now,
what a perfect time for a
Sunday afternoon nap --
Next week is a clean slate.

- end

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Two led the way

They knew they were different,
in a time when such things were scorned.
Fate and chance brought them together,
One even performed surgery on the other.

The female rowing champion became a male rowing champion.
The male race-car driver became a female race-car driver.
They became pioneers in physical and mental domains:
One took his life in 1962,
the other lived all the way to 2011.

Two brave and remarkable people cleared a path
for all of the transsexual and intersex who followed.
At the height of the Cold War these stories were
front-page news, perhaps taking fearful minds off
looming Armageddon.

Religious folk may have thought the end was here indeed,
now that humans retained the ability to change their gender.
As we delve deeper into genetic tinkering it is hard to imagine
what may be on the horizon soon.
But Roberta and Michael led the way –
Legions of transitioning folk are surely glad of this today.



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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

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Monday, November 06, 2017

9th Street North

The sharp businesswoman trots along the sidewalk,
glancing often at her phone, link to civilization.
A short, scruffy black man ambles in the opposite direction.
They approach, seemingly headed for a collision;
Somehow, improbably, the woman flicks a glance his way,
even as he gives her a more leisurely look;

Then executes a perfect semicircle around him, looking
rapid back at her phone.
Just another minor distraction,
leaf on the sidewalk, branch in the way,
paper litter drifting along,
homeless detritus a momentary
detour in one oh so very important life.

 - end

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- end

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Memory rising

Hovering over the brushfire,
I add sticks and twigs.
The yard detritus piles shrink in turn  -- hooray.

The sound and smell of burning fires up memory.
Crackling reminiscent of past leaf fires in past yards;
Crumpling up newspapers to light our minor blaze,
the crinkle and crackle of logs warming our
living room during a festive holiday.
My father supervises as I get to do the honors....

Bonfires at summer camp roar impossibly high,
as lore both modern and ancient are weaved
into some tale, enrapturing all of us 13-year-olds.

The homecoming fire at High School,
guarded by two of us sleeping within,
set off the next night during celebrations.
Never had I seen a conflagration that mighty.

The beach fires on a large sandbar,
just downhill from a local retreat.
Some of us sipping brews, enjoying music,
making love and watching others do the same.
One of the very best fire memories one can have.

Memories rise up with the smoke,
are scented and enjoyed,
then vanish,
to be replaced by others.

One can only hope
that you and I
make more wonderful memories tonight,
to reminisce by at some other bonfire,
many years from now.

- end

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Contemplative Particles

In the beginning there was Hydrogen and Helium.
Then, a scattering of heavier elements appeared.
A spinning and accretion over millions of centuries,
bright glimmers and redder streaks painted space-time's
blank canvas, getting ever more crowded with particles.

Stars, then planets, then primitive lifeforms
arose through the vast reach of eons.
Crouching creatures struggled and competed,
slowly ascended life's ladder of capability.
Flashes of sentience and comprehension
assembled into purpose and organization.

One day the primitive gleaner of subsistence
on some African plain looked up at the
magnificent cosmic artwork comprising the
Milky Way, and gasped in awe at Pleiades’s eye.

Stardust finally arrived at a place to appreciate itself.