Saturday, April 21, 2018

Life, artificial and real

Living systems are electro-chemical and have evolved to originate from sensory and feeding. Layers of awareness are stacked on top of each other. These have originated from the earliest forms of protolife – to feed, avoid dangers, and reproduce. Even the most sophisticated robotic systems can not be alive like our “wetware” or electrochemical selves that have evolved from primitive sensory systems. They will always be artificial constructs of ourselves.
Now if, like Dr. Frankenstein, we manage to create unique forms of biological life that could function as added memory, or increased muscle strength, that is different. These would be wetware created by the superior wetware, or rather, us. Perhaps future AI systems will be a hybrid of both, using the advantages of each, biological and electronic. There are already nano-systems being studied down at the molecular level, from my understanding. The future will be startling, to say the least.

- stay fresh, everyone

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Alien Triple-X musing

*** Adult subject matter ***    You have been warned.

Alien Sexual Fantasy

When a blow-up doll is not enough,
when dildoes become simply passe;
electrical stimulators get too rough,
sexual partners become ho-hum, everyday.

Perhaps it is time to try something new,
if you can find the right extraterrestrial.
Get wrapped in an ameoba, like a foot in a shoe,
every orifice can be filled with vibrating joy.

If an extraterrestrial is not available,
you might have to make one yourself.
It should be pliable plastic and fit around
you, insert-able into every place you want it.

Warm and soothing and stimulating,
surrounding, penetrating and comforting;
You might get so attached to your new
friend that no human lover will compare.

So go ahead, find malleable plastic,
roll the dice.
Just think, all that sex,
and no risk of crab lice.

 - end

Monday, April 16, 2018

Hopeful Outlook

Bezos' Blue Origin is preparing to explore the yonder,
While Musk and SpaceX loft regular payloads;
Xcor and Sierra Nevada build mini-shuttle hardware,
preparing to send tourists to play in weightless abodes.

Back on Earth, technology advances relentless,
average Joe's and Jane's have to master and adapt;
Shiny, flashy toys help them in this intricate task,
Their children soak in the new, enthused and rapt.

Thus society transforms year after year.
New ways of consuming and entertaining
manifest and become routine, methods clear.
We counteract bad consequences, maintaining
our status quo, climate change notwithstanding.

If we can ignore the loud drums of war,
perhaps we can survive, and keep humanity standing!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Why not try this

Here is a thought: Why not try and get Russia to join NATO, and participate in world governance. They could see that we are not a threat to their way of life, whatever that is. Of course that is the theory behind the UN – but the UN is ineffective nowadays. There needs to be a “trust colossus” or "Colossus Trust Agreement" between the major world powers – to not let another world war break out, to take care of pressing problems in the world, to reassure each other that our borders are staying put – no more “lebensraum” actions or getting even for old violations.
Lesser powers like Syria, Iran and Israel would have a major coalition pressing them all to behave, get along, work things out, settle your damn issues so we can solve the real problems like overpopulation, climate change, feeding the world, fighting pandemics, etc.
Just some thinking out loud today. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Close Proximity

They discovered a new planet the other day, or was it last year?
Close by, only 4.2 light years a stone's throw in galactic terms.
Find myself wondering, do they have Saturday morning lines at
the grocery stores? Do they have grocery stores? Do they have mouths?

I doubt they would be concerned with our petty concerns and squabbles.
The top draft pick for the Yankees wouldn't register on their “radar.”
Middle east wars would not concern them;
The Kardashians wouldn't make them bat a purple eyelash.
Transgender correctness probably wouldn't faze a race with
who knows, eighteen genders? Hard to tell from this distance.

No, the Proximans at Proxima B would have only one thing on their minds.
How to survive an annual season of only eleven days!
Doesn't give much chance to plant crops or prepare for Christmas.
Since they are probably microbes anyway, these things shouldn't matter.

Maybe someday we'll send a spacecraft over the find out.
Have a good day, Earthlings, and try and stay dry in this miserable April weather.


Monday, April 09, 2018

If It Were up to Me

I would delegate any responses to the use of chemicals by Syria on its people to the United Nations.
Or in case a response is blocked, then allow France and the UK to flex their muscles. Sick and tired of American soldiers being expended, used up, killed for every brush-fire skirmish in the world. Enough of being the World Police. If Russia is so eager to be the beat cop of the world, let them pay the price, in lives lost and lives ruined, and enormous financial burdens. “You want it? Here you go, Putin – you take over everything.” Then we can sit back and throw rocks while they bleed out treasure and lives year after year. The US has done enough for an unappreciative world. Let Russia and China bleed out for a time, and we can take a rest. Take a different tack, for once.

But no, arrogant, blind leaders will unleash more destruction, and kill more people. And it will solve nothing. A complete waste of time, human life, and treasure. Good luck.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Absence of Belief = Presence of Mind

      The absence of belief in the supernatural, without any kind of definitive proof, indicates the full presence of intelligent mind. No invisible devils whispering in your ear, or making you sick. No invisible cherubim or seraphim. No robed man in the sky, no barefoot bearded man living in your heart. The real universe is so much more vast, nearly infinite in scale, distances so vast it is difficult to comprehend with our human brains. And it is all a product of natural selection. We do not know what started it all, the big bang, but a bearded man in flowing robes most likely was not responsible.
Humanity is not the center of the universe. The Earth is not the center of the universe. Not by any stretch of the imagination. 
       Present proven reality is much more vast than any medieval priests or Roman writers could have dreamed up. Logical, reasonable methods of investigation and reporting have shown the distances between our sun and planets, our solar system and the center of our galaxy, and even approximations of the size of the known universe.
       Man brought God into being in our image, not the other way around. As our understanding grows, so does the distance between some imagined god and ourselves. In olden times, the sky was the fabric of heaven, and God was just overhead. As the years and discoveries progressed, the concept of Gods did too. From early spirits living in trees and rocks, to the concept of One god, to the Trinity. Perhaps the godlike properties of natural phenomena can be looked upon with wonder bordering on worship. Even if this is so, it is with an understanding that there is no supernatural being behind it all.

Hey, don't shoot the messenger.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Dive Right In!

The computing ocean is deep and wide,
many locations for an explorer to scout.
From the shoreline, shallow material abounds.
Windows OS commands, Webpage clicks, Social Media hangouts.

Further out, the water gets deeper.
System settings, device managers, device drivers.
As the continental shelf drops off, we go deeper still.
Coding languages, system programming, Unix and
Linux shell programming, penetration testing, debugging.

Eventually you make it down to the deepest trench,
if you are still conscious at this point...
Assembler and machine language coding.
EEPROM burning, hardware modifications.

Various oceanic currents can take you around the world:
Seeking out bugs in hosted Webpage code,
writing Perl and Java scripts to embed in HTML;
Penetration testing against web servers.
E-commerce integration and aggregation.
Reverse IP lookups to trace messages,
encoding Trojans and viruses to unleash.

Just as there are several named oceans,
so there are many named areas of expertise in IT.
You can dive deep and get lost in any one, or all.
Just bring an extra tank of technical support,
better yet a buddy who knows more than you do.
Good luck plumbing the depths, and remember:
those deep waters are all just ones and zeroes.

Machine language, C, Unix, Linux, Ubuntu, Mint, Kali.
Punch Cards, Paper Tape, Magnetic tape, Cartridges, Diskettes, Thumb drives.
Machine Language, Assembler, C++, Cobol, Perl, Java, Python.
Relays, Vacuum Tubes, Transistors, Printed Circuits, VLSI, Submicron memory.
Control panels, Punchcards, Keyboards, VDTs, Mouse clicks, spoken input.
Chips embedded in human brains. Direct brain augmentation. Human-machine hybrids.
Biological processors – enhancing children, or retro-fitting supplementation/enhancement.
Can you teach an old boomer new tricks if you implant them in his brain?
You never know.