Tuesday, September 30, 2003

To the Young

Outside confines of familiar structure,
Church, Home, Family, School;
Live other realities, truths outside lectures,
No need to march lockstep, societys' fool.

Life not just black and white absolutes,
There is sometimes more than one right answer;
Boldness and wit can myths refute,
Explore and push boundaries like a cosmic dancer.

One can try a different road, take a different tack,
If it doesn't work out, learn and go on;
Today is today, don't look back,
Think - try new methodologies on.

Do not get thrills from abusing the weak,
The different, the strange, the unique --
You will just begin your own losing streak,
Your future will become very bleak.

Instead try compassion and understanding,
Putting yourself in the other persons shoes;
You avoid authorities negative branding,
While learning and growing from other points of view.

Challenge convention, ask lots of questions,
Feed your growing mind nutritious info-loads;
Treat your body well physically I suggest,
You must endure many of lifes' bumpy roads.

Take care of yourself, and fate will lend a hand,
Be careful but be brave, take a positive stand.
Set your goal and stick it out, you'll make your mark,
As you develop into a woman or a man.
And contribute your worth to this turbulent land.

(c) 2003 MSW

Monday, September 29, 2003


Tomato vines browned and shriveling,
Shrunken fruits providing feast for insects;
Squash and watermelon also withering,
Rustling leaves surround and protect.

Batchelor Buttons tan in crisp fall sun,
Skimpy stems stutter in a breeze;
Petunias still colorful and fun,
Will endure right through a freeze.

Green grapevine leaves looking sickly,
Lillies of the valley laying limp;
Even Cannas begin to look icky,
Tiring Mums blooms looking wimpy.

Brave Blackeyed Susans stand aflutter,
Four'o'clocks growing blooms still;
Flower beds spurt and sputter,
Full of leaves, twigs, plants killed.
Soon trees present last color showing,
Until next April when it quits snowing.

(c) Michael S. Wilson 2003

Wednesday, September 24, 2003


Reality TV has youth lounging around,
Trapped in rooms wired with cameras;
Interpersonal minutia fencing abounds,
Surviving and competing amidst island vistas.

Daring and risking personal injury,
Showing fearlessness amidst risks,
Lithe young bodies perform for jury,
Toned skin glowing in the mists.

With other countries promoting science,
Exhorting youth to higher learning;
Our media downplay book reliance,
Instead trumpet sports heros' earnings.

Bland pablum humor wins awards,
Dramatized enforcement takes the prize;
Token funnies please the hordes,
Biased media spreads myths and lies.
They should show more science fiction,
And end the bland interpersonal friction.

(c) MSW 2003

Tuesday, September 23, 2003


Iran brandishing atomic steel daggers,
Well-poised to strike the west;
Hatred of Israel all that matters,
Our vigilance can never rest.

China rising becoming a behemoth,
India and Pakistan also seething;
Europe and Russia already mammoth,
Is another world war teething?

Terrorists around the world
Plot their latest attacks on US,
Like thousands of adders curled,
Waiting for opportunity to bite us.

From the Phillipines to Afganistan,
They school and train their young,
With weapons they take a stand,
Slogans spew off their toungues.
America the worlds biggest target,
Needs to triple the defense budget!

(c) 2003 MSW

Monday, September 22, 2003


Going to the Windy City,
Massive presence on the lake;
Towering structures look pretty,
Glittering in sunlight's wake.

Soaring towers on rubble foundation,
Pheonix arose from fires ashes;
City of commerce pride of the nation,
Even during an economic crash.

Old industrial sites rust,
Bulldozers clear away rubble;
Developers eye riverfront with lust,
Create another real estate bubble.

Vast expanse of water dotted with sails,
Magnet for population on sunny days;
Tour boats too, it never fails --
Beautiful surroundings draw heaps of praise.
Inundated with freeways and rails,
Chicago will vibrate with energy always.

(c) MSW 2003
just back from a visit to, where else?

Thursday, September 18, 2003


With a salary that exceeds
The GNP of several nations,
Such unmitigated greed,
Poisons investor relations.

What kind of deeds
Can justify astronomical pay;
While investors bleed,
Fattened chummy CEO's play.

Time to even up the score,
Give the cash to charities;
Tap the theives to the core,
Plow it back into society.

Alternative energy we could explore,
Health care we could provide;
Education, Housing, so much more,
Achieved with the spoils divided.
Lets show these theives the door,
Spread out the booty, all are invited.

(c) Michael S. Wilson 2003

Wednesday, September 17, 2003


He treads everywhere with bared soles,
Not fearing what may lie on the ground;
Dodging rocks, glass, stickers and holes,
With feet exposed he makes his rounds.

Confronting restaurants and stores,
Brandishing letter proving his case;
Health dep't myth debunked once more,
Enters reluctant businesses with grace.

Also drives his car naked,
Bares all to the highways;
Shows them he's not faking,
Goes naked night and day.

Exposed skin challenging assumptions
We have about proper ways to live;
Showing stuffy cornered bumpkins,
Life has lots more to give,
Than rules, regulations and miserable restrictions.

(c) 2003 Michael S. Wilson

Tuesday, September 16, 2003


Thrown off course mid-stride,
Knocked off track again;
Now will have to decide,
Which new territory to defend.

Steady plodding and progression,
Towards my latest objective --
Interrupted by outside aggresion,
Neccesitating another course correction.

Never reach my intended destination,
Always seem to get distracted,
Malicious or impatient create deflection,
Once again I'm negatively impacted.

Might as well buy a Gypsy wagon,
Load all my possessions inside;
No more lofty goals to be bragging,
Will dump all obligatins, just glide --
To heck with all the nagging,
To hell with foolish pride.

(c) 2003 Michael S. Wilson

Monday, September 15, 2003


Enterprise flitting through black void,
Between and amongst trillions of stars;
Encounters with aliens they cannot avoid,
Friendly and hostile, near and far.

Captain always resourceful and wise,
No matter what predicament may arise;
In the end they gain their prize,
Often leads to an enemy's demise!

Helpful first officer daring and bold,
Attacking problems with gusto;
Not afraid to break the mold,
Toss Starfleet Regs if they must.

Ship's doctor bestows insights and heals,
Counsels Captain and crew;
Sometimes a solution reveals,
When the entire bridge is a zoo.

Someday mighty Enterprise will dock,
Federation shipyards somewhere near Earth;
Mission Complete to last interstellar rock,
Her stories will be told with mirth.
Archer, Janeway, Picard, Kirk and Spock --
Experiences shared for all they are worth.

(c) 2003 Michael S. Wilson

Sunday, September 14, 2003

The Man in Black

You walked the line,
Rode the Rock Island Line;
You were ultimate country cool,
Even though you were A Boy Named Sue.

Even though I never was into Country-Western,
You still impacted my life somehow;
Part of background of growing up,
Can only wonder what truer fans must feel.

There were eventually imposters,
To your sound and especially your color;
They could never change the fact,
You had such a powerful impact.

Somehow your voice became a benchmark,
Standard measurment of harmonic setting;
A reference tone for emotive projection,
Compared against for accuracy of angst.

America will miss you Johnny,
A clean underlying voice of power;
Reasurring force of certainty,
Now taking your place in Heavens bower.

(c) Michael S. Wilson 2003

Friday, September 12, 2003


Congressmen complaining that
National commitment we lack;
NASA fragmented and inept,
Promise of future glory not kept.

Shuttles aging and dangerous,
No real replacement in sight;
International competitors numerous,
USA losing it's aerospace might.

Where to put our precious funds?
An expendable capsule like Apollo?
Another reusable, Shuttles' son?
When Shuttle is done, what follows?

One thing's for sure;
Committment takes lots of money --
"No bucks, no Buck Rodgers,"
Not meant to be funny.
Until NASA is funded enough at last,
US Space Program stays stuck in the past.

(c) Michael S. Wilson 2003

Thursday, September 11, 2003

September 11th

Anniversary of destruction and death,
Memorials throughout the land;
Psyches shrink from terror's cold breath,
Could this be freedom's last stand?

Why do they attack us relentlessly,
Is desperate money-chasing a threat?
Power symbols they stalk continuously,
Only props and shams they get.

We are all about appearances,
Surface images count for all;
Underneath greed, fear, desperation,
They think we have the world in thrall?

All humankind shares the same emotions,
Similar needs, wants, aspirations;
Working together is a better notion,
Than killing each other without reservation.

Can bridges be built between Moslems and Christians,
Between Arabs and Non-Arabs and Jews?
Make finding commonality the mission,
Hopefulness in this world renew?

I fear not, things keep getting worse,
Like Chicken Little, "the sky is falling";
Septeber 11th, New York inspired this verse,
Day the human race took a mauling.

(c) 2003 MSW

Monday, September 08, 2003


Jovial guard George,
Welcoming smile, whiskey breath;
Appointed me C.E.O.
After everyone left.

Easygoing Homer,
Slow, friendly reassurance;
Recounting his successes,
Against time's occurance.

Funny, cackling Jack,
Indira Ghandi in drag,
Longest relationship
You and Bob could brag.

Good old Bud Munko,
Stories of hardships passed,
Ex Glen, Virgil Ward, other vignettes,
Found his peace in Perry at last.

All gone now, along with numerous others,
Hopefully gathering, joining their number.
Hint of sadness that they are departed,
Grateful and gladdened to have known them.

(c) 2003 MSW

Friday, September 05, 2003

USA all the way

Where else can you find so many,
Struggling with disease of Obesity;
Not a problem in starving countries!

Public Internet available to all,
Instant communication, free information,
Music, Movies, online malls,
Free tutorials for mental transformation.

Parks, greenbelts, librarys abound,
Variety of food available everywhere;
Local, regional, national debates,
Participated in by anyone, anywhere.

Interstate highways to travel around,
Free passage to any other state.
Transportation options without bound,
Buses, Trains, Airlines small or great.

High technology throughout the land,
Bringing advanced medical care,
Entertainment easily at hand,
Wealth of benefits all can share.

Vast mountain ranges majestic,
Numerous rivers regal and grand.
Fertile farmlands in the midwest,
Beautiful coastlines sparkle with sand.

Oh USA, we seem to forget,
Most of our needs are easily met;
Daily concerns block our vision,
And we just get fatter watching television.

(c) 2003 MSW

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Sissies fight back!

Coaches and preachers encourage and exhort
Young souls to brutalize and bully those
Differently sexually oriented cohorts,
Make fun of their hair, laugh at their clothes.

They are weak, deficient, easy pickings,
No one wants to be called one;
Go in gangs to give them a licking,
No fair fights here, no one on one!

Time for Gays and Lesbians to Fight!
Violence and abuse are the constant lessons,
Constant disapproval, distain for rights;
Verbal attacks without reasons.

No more gentle sissies We,
Instead hit first and hit hard;
Doormats no longer we will be,
Violent action will now stand guard.

Gays I have known can be burly and butch,
Big hairy beefcakes, not just stringbeans.
Worship the gym and launch the putsch,
Act like the heteros, cruel and mean.

Call them Hetero Weenies,
Pussy-licking sissies,
Beat up some meanies,
With five or fifty.

Vandalize their cars,
Paint their lockers,
Toss their books far,
Even in the dumpsters.

No longer punching bags for bigots;
Queers will be toughs,
Respected as bristling frigates,
We too can play rough.

(c) MSW 2003

Walking around the booths,
Stalls, open doors, flickering screens
Trying not to step on gum or whatever,
I seek and scan, hunt and prowl.

Tramping along a dirt trail,
Through trashy, littered woods,
Checking out the occasional guy there --
Looking for that magic chemistry

Sitting in a bar, senses prickly;
Hoping not to hear
Sarcasm, criticism, one-upmanship,
Cracks and cruel comparisons.

Trying to spot a likely prospect
To risk esteem in an attempt.
Hoping for romance to appear,
Wishing for another occurence of
Rare, wondrous magic
Him and I clicking,
Going home together.

(c) 2003 MSW

Clean blade of green grass,
Reflecting warmth and beauty;
Colorful flowers wave, waft scent,
Combinations of tint, hues pleasing.

Air balmy and warm - shirtsleeves on.
Enjoying wind’s caress, even better shirtless;
Bright, beautiful summer day.
Why even be clothed at all?

Padding bare soles across warm sand,
Dipping bare limbs into cool river water;
Powerful sunlight tints skin thru droplets,
As one lays there soaking up the outdoors.

Breezes rush through swaying treetops,
Sun moves down the horizon;
Tall, showy blooms bask in illumination,
One last time before darkness falls.

Concerts of frogs and locusts
Welcome the dark of night;
Stealthy creatures on two legs or four,
begin their frenetic prowling.

(c) 2003 MSW

Brains, minds, geniousness --
Grey matter brimming with
So much information,
One can become dull.

Mathematical formulae;
Methods of wiring --
Computer implementation,
Network troubleshooting.

Sifting through databases,
Searching elusive pieces of data--
Accessing online mainframes,
Until one becomes crosseyed!

How much can a human brain hold?
Cannot be sure right now;
I dare not be so bold,
As to try and stuff it full!

(c) 2003 MSW
Deregulation - a Villanelle

Strip off all the rules!
Create a market free-for-all;
Misguided laissez-faire tool.

Right-wingers decided it was cool
Relaxing restrictions overall
Strip off all the rules!

Not sure where they went to school,
Guess they thought to fill the malls,
Misguided Laissez-Faire tool.

Desks were probably covered with drool,
Airlines freed did naught but stall,
Strip off all the rules!

To graduate all those fools,
The Economy did the Telecom Act Maul,
Misguided Laissez-Faire tool.

Rising odor of corruption like a missed stool,
Caught endlessly in Deregulation's thrall,
Strip off all the rules!
Misguided Laissez-Faire tool.
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