Tuesday, November 18, 2003


Lucky Jeans claim they are "America's Brand",
Many other makers trumpet their own virtues;
Numerous claims made out-of-hand,
Still, all are imitations - Levi Strauss was first.

Some are boot-cut, some are flared,
Pre-washed, stone-washed, worn or stained;
The one thing that they all share,
Copying a flattery without shame.

Constant ugly variations on a theme,
Costing large amounts of money;
Manufacturers' multipule marketing schemes,
Resulting in duds that look really funny.

Give me a pair of old Levi's,
Still dark blue, with button fly.
I'll take the real thing, please,
Original product only will appease.
Grotesque green-stained knock-offs,
Are only the latest youth rip-off.

(c) 2003 MSW

Monday, November 10, 2003


Sharp, glittering teeth at ready,
They arise from coffin beds at night;
Insatiable, evil thirst to feed on many,
Pouncing on luckless, victims in hopeless plight.

Running, flying, flitting about,
Singly or in ragged groups they go;
Attacking suitable victims caught out,
How many join their legions I do not know.

Falling hungrily upon their prey,
They bite swift and deep;
Draining lifeblood without delay,
Another victim's life they reap.

Who can escape these denizens of night,
Avoid the lustful lethal bite,
Escape eternal darkness plight?
Always try to stay in the light!
Bring silver bullets and wooden stakes to the fight --
Buffy the Vampire Slayer shows how to do it right!

(c) MSW 2003

Friday, November 07, 2003


Hair turns grey to silver,
Living quarters get re-arranged;
Economic recovery starts to glimmer,
Stock markets act all deranged.

New duties on both jobs,
More techniques to master;
Cleaning up after office mobs,
Repairing their daily disasters.

Weather turning cold, overcast,
Time to prepare winter implements;
Balmy weather now in the past,
Coats and gloves the new requirements.

Intel rolling out more proccessors,
Dell, Gateway bring forth latest models;
No longer content with predecessors,
Consumers goaded to grab newest models.

Cityscape changes with each new crane,
All this chaos driving me insane!

(c) MSW 2003

Thursday, November 06, 2003


Rapidly spitting, spraying drops,
Battering my windshield ferociously;
Wipers on high barely clearing the plops,
Sqinting to see, visibility reduced hopelessly.

Trucks speed past, blinding with their spray,
I swerve a bit, curse and pray;
Not construction slowing me today,
Endless rain scrambling rush hour fray.

Lightning flashes, thunder rumbles,
Brief letup gives way to renewed burst;
Car hood and roof severely pummeled,
Mother Nature trying to do her worst.

Finally find my exit through haze and maze,
Little miracle engine purring onward,
I come to a stop sign in a daze,
Continue towards home and dry warmth.
Looking forward to recliner lazing,
Whilst outside raindrops continue to swarm.

(c) MSW 2003