Sunday, January 25, 2004


Gas ball bouncing, rolling across surface,
Stops, deflates, unfolds, extracts --
Solar panels unfurl, charging batteries,
Internal systems brought to life.

Cameras record vistas, rover rolls;
Rocks and dirt studies and sampled.
Successful mission paves way for more,
Landers, rovers, finally sample-return.

Humanity folows close on heels,
Colonizing in fits and starts.
Small cities bloom and interconnect,
Supporting missions further out.

Jupiter's moons one day host colonies,
Increasingly populated solar system expanding;
Transports move steadily between habitations,
Sustaining humanity's toeholds out there.
One day entire system colonized,
Time to migrate to the stars!

(c) 2003 MSW

Greeted by attendant with eyes piercing blue,
"Good morning sir, are you familiar with our service?"
I think to myself, if he only knew --
Hiding lasciviousness inside, I try not to be nervous.

Entering the shop, I opt for basic selection.
Taking a seat, leafing through newspapers --
Other customers present, engaged in conversation.
I settle in for a wait, read about troublemakers.

Man recounts tale of hitting seven deer,
Couple enters in, guy with stunning profile;
Trying not to stare, they might realize I'm queer,
Sure nice scenery here, I ponder with a smile.
People come and go, and soon my car is done --
Saturday morning at the Quik-lube, vignette in time, then time to run.

(c) MSW 2003 - a sonnet

Dean takes center stage,
Cooly, dispassionately recounts facts;
Gephart, Kerry showing their rage,
Vigorously launch their attacks.

Kucinich, Edwards join the fray,
Leiberman, Moseley-Braun remain aside;
Let the others strut and bray,
Remaining ones quietly taking it in stride.

Dean, Kerry, Gephart jabbing,
Rebutting, countering, ducking & dodging;
Occasionally they rise above gabbing,
Goal is democratic White House lodging.

Now hypothetical taxes get cut,
Discussing free healthcare for all;
Promising to get USA out of a rut,
Lofty statements hold supporters in thrall.
Sure looking forward to this summer,
When I can escape the hot air of all these runners!

(c) MSW 2003