Sunday, May 30, 2004

Evil Empire revisited

All of the pictures of naked Iraquis in the Abu Ghraib prison are an unfortunate black eye to the USA. I admit, it is kind of funny to see Islamic dudes forced to shed their clothes and be posed in, er, very compromising positions. Until one stops and thinks of the ramifications of such acts. The revenge factor is a major problem here - witness the beheading of that American prisoner recently. Also, the inflaming of public opinion amongst the entire Islamic world against the USA. Now, I am as patriotic as the next fellow, and I like to think I support our troops. But, c'mon now, really. I would like to slap some of the involved goons across the face and yell, "you morons!" . Now, in the mind of the average Iraqi, we are no better than Saddam. Worse, actually, because we are in their country telling them what to do and what kind of government to have. How would we feel towards some occupying troops on our soil, torturing our citizenry, many of whom have been jailed without trial for no particular reason? I suspect we would also be taking up arms against the invaders. Can't wait to see what happens after June 30th. At least the truth is out, and investigations are ongoing.

I just hope we can get a Democrat in the White House, and clean up this mess.