Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Rasheed collected his tattered essence.
Coalescing before a great shining gate.
Awareness fast returning, he managed an 'ahah!'
'This must be paradise, my reward surely lies within!'
Jagged edges of his soul essence shivered, anticipating...
Suddenly, a voice filled all of space, thundering "NO!"
"You shall not pass! You are destined for eternal torment!"
Rasheed, experiencing shock, managed a 'why not?'
'I have sacrificed myself for the cause, given my life in the Jihad?'
"YOU have murdered many innocent people!"
"YOUR KIND is sapping the will and hope of a batttered populace."
"All they desire is Peace and Freedom - all you bring is DESPAIR!"
YOUR cause is a Jihad of evil, your harvest is nothing more than
Hatred, Pain, Misery, Death."
"For THESE SINS, Rasheed, you will only know eternal torment. Now Begone!"
And with that, two winged creatures, with terrible countenances, bore
What was left of Rasheed away and down, downward.....

No rhyme or meter, but it gets the point across.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Dubya down on bended Knee,
Begging Saudis for more oil;
They reply, "Build more refineries!"
Financial markets in turmoil.

Detroit rolls out biggest and best,
V-8 behemoths proving ones' worth;
Derricks arise over tundra wilderness,
Increasing cunsumption matches our girth.

More congested highways,
More air pollution;
More fouled waterways,
Greed their only solution.

Abandoning civilization, Worshipping privatization,
Handing over regulatory agencies;
Blinded to any realization,
Earth is gagging on our version of democracy.

Lauding the passing of Americas' left wing,
While polluting and fouling our planet,
Profiteering legions are really swinging;
Enviornments' destruction will be Justices final dragnet.
Let the rivers burn, let the forests die,
I got my Hummer, I ain't gonna cry.

Please copy this poem, spread it like a disease -
Mother Earth is crying, and she won't be appeased.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

No soft flesh nor coursing blood here,
No trickling, spurting or surging fluids;
Gashed skin will yield no blood,
Hard spills impact looses no flood.

For these creatures are silicon and steel,
Full of wire and fiber and artifice;
Tough polymers, plastics acrylic encase,
Pulsing microelectronic intelligence throughout.

Prepare yourselves, oh current generations,
They are coming, just around the corner;
In trickles, then droves, with many mutations,
Gleaming hordes society's new brick and mortar.

New help to clean homes and offices,
Put away groceries, Stock the shelves;
New companions for the elderly,
Cheaper subs for convenience store duty.

How often will we see fellow human beings,
Surrounded by electro-surrogates fulfilling our needs?
You will know the end is presaged,
When I try to marry my faithful machine!

(c) cranky mike, 2005