Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Dubya down on bended Knee,
Begging Saudis for more oil;
They reply, "Build more refineries!"
Financial markets in turmoil.

Detroit rolls out biggest and best,
V-8 behemoths proving ones' worth;
Derricks arise over tundra wilderness,
Increasing cunsumption matches our girth.

More congested highways,
More air pollution;
More fouled waterways,
Greed their only solution.

Abandoning civilization, Worshipping privatization,
Handing over regulatory agencies;
Blinded to any realization,
Earth is gagging on our version of democracy.

Lauding the passing of Americas' left wing,
While polluting and fouling our planet,
Profiteering legions are really swinging;
Enviornments' destruction will be Justices final dragnet.
Let the rivers burn, let the forests die,
I got my Hummer, I ain't gonna cry.

Please copy this poem, spread it like a disease -
Mother Earth is crying, and she won't be appeased.