Tuesday, July 22, 2008


One sweltering day in late July,
Humidity saturating warm summer air;
What do the news crews, cameras spy,
Many bicycles appearing out of nowhere.
Thousands of enthusiastic riders,
Swarming down state highways;
Towns welcome the two-wheeled gliders,
Offering refreshments, and a hearty welcome always.
After a grueling daily ride, hills and all,
Riders offered showers, food, other measures;
As long as one avoids flats and falls,
Then one can revel in post-ride pleasures.
Ragbrai, the huge bicycle party across the state,
Now a staple activity on Iowans summer plate!

They are at it again *grin*

Monday, July 21, 2008

Planetary Spectacle

Fun celebrations of US Independence Day,
Barbeques, music, fireworks galore;
Throngs of citizens, festive and gay,
Enjoying time off, concerts, parties and more.
Television showing cooking, drink concotions,
Inexpensive, enjoyable activities for families;
Financial cares, employment woes forgotten,
Viewing sky spectacles, hearing patriotic homilies.
Yet even as we celebrate, a bigger show is coming,
Many nations are gathering, joining efforts together;
Scientists from around the globe are meeting,
Conferencing, writing papers, taking measures.
Future Space exploration, colonization efforts,
Will be international, combining many abilities;
Dwarfing any one nations' more meager effort,
We will occupy our living space with more agility.
Humans, whether Americans or other nationalities,
Will leave our cradle, discover amazing new possibilities!

Something I wrote around July 4th.
Mirror crack'd for good

First day back at work, after vacation,
Pushing myself through the paces;
Rejoining working peoples' convocation,
A sunburned rat rejoining the races.
Cleaning routine pursued with vigor,
Until encounter with first floor restroom;
Seeing piles of broken glass was a trigger,
To reduce my mood to uncharacteristic gloom.
Slivers and shards scattered all over the place,
On sinks, countertops, toilets and the floor;
Jumbled piles of heavy, jagged mirror face,
I gripped my broom, feeling a touch of horror.
Eventually much sweeping, vaccuuming too,
Made ugly shards dissapear, renewed my mood.

What a welcome back. But I got thru it okay.