Thursday, April 30, 2009

Neurocannular implants

Someone should try and experiment with direct, brain-to-computer interfaces. I understand the Japanese are doing some work in this area. But today I was thinking about the possibility of inserting thin probes into different regions of an animal (or human) brain, and simply listening, seeing if there is any kind of attempt at synchronization, or just what kind of things are percieved by the human, and the computer involved. Experiments could be done with perception of signals of various sorts, including numbers and calculations. This could lead to some amazing advances in medicine. Paraplegics could more easily control their wheelchairs and so forth.

Perhpas volunteers could be found, and every precaution taken to keep the tests safe and comfortable. The resulting knowledge could bring about a lot of benefits. Just musing here.

Some people fondle children;
That is gross, to say the least.
Some people make kids fondle them…
That is downright pathetic.

Some people take kids clothing off,
Photographing them in the nude.
That is terrible.
Some people force the kids to have sex,
That is despicable.

Yet some teenagers experiment with each other,
Discovering their new-found sexuality.
And that, in my opinion, is okay.
Things as they should be,
Part of growing up.
End the hysteria.
Just one opinion.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Gloomy overcast sky moves in,
Dimming down the color of nature;
grass, weeds, tree bark, vines,
Blend into sameness on a cool grey day.

Trudging on sand, the same color as dirt,
Avoiding stumps and trunks camoflauged
By gloom, my feet and ankles still find some
They eyes had missed spotting, too late.

Time spent communing with nature,
Finally abandoned for comforts of home,
While it was good to get fresh air, perhaps
It is best to await warmer weather.
A bold move to seek out natures nurture,
Dulled by weather, may be better later on.

It was a good day for a walk, after a big Easter meal.