Sunday, June 07, 2009


I shut the vacuum cleaner off, coil the cord,
All wrapped up, my periodic cleaning done;
Now set for more noise and discord,
Upcoming week full of work and fun.

Dishes and counter, floor and stove,
Trash has been emptied, dusting complete;
Front room detrius removed, I strove
To stack books and papers nice and neat.

Come Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday too,
Gradual confusion and chaos will take hold;
Good efforts undone by my bachelors' zoo,
Lifestyle and friends, fresh dramas to unfold.
Even though I live free of much responsibility,
Still struggle to maintain a patina of respectability.

(c) 2009 Michael S. Wilson

Monday, June 01, 2009

Government Motors

Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, GMC,
The new GM is coming to town;
Will it work? Remains to be seen,
Will their sales go up? Unemployment go down?

From eight brands to four the new design,
Getting back to basics, starting a new chapter.
Twentieth-century business failure to resign,
Replaced by lean new automotive predator.

Optimism aside, market realities rule the day.
While the giant struggles to reinvent its brands,
Nimble competitors grab market share, hold sway...
Like Custer, this could be General Motors' last stand!
Hope is that taxpayer billions, union concessions will finally
Turn around this Titanic, despite the warning signs in reality.

I really hope they do suceed, but we shall see.