Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Sunlight splashes across newly-exposed ground,

Beckoning buds and shoots to sprout;

Birds sing, rabbits and squirrels run around,

Winter is ending, of that there is no doubt.

No matter what my state of mind,

Nor how badly I want to just sit;

The balmy inviting outdoors seems fine,

Draws me outside, to garden as I see fit.

Nature appears to be giving a great gift,

With warmth, flowers, scent and birdsong;

This time of year gives everyone a lift,

But (of course) there is one thing wrong...

A dripping nose, droopy eyes, sneezing abound,

Those allergies flare up, and drag oneself down!



Monday, March 15, 2010

A New Age of Discovery Begins Now...

There are lots of things yet to discover
In our vast, heavily populated Solar System...
Planetoids of all sizes and shapes,
Minerals, elements, natural resources
Megatons of materials to mine and measure.

Humankind could spend a thousand years
Exploring this vast, rich trove of stuff;
But only if we take the bold first steps;
Learning to assemble space-faring liners
In Earth's orbit, using materials at hand.

Tiny capsules will not do for this upcoming
Effort at exploration; Bigger craft are needed.
Construction will need to take place in Space,
Utilizing the vast materials offered by the inner
Solar System: Asteroid Belt or Moon material.

Someday when a human steps onto the surface
Of Pluto, they will pay homage to the discoverer,
And all who laid the path out ever after. But
We will walk on the surface there, sooner
Or later. It should prove to be an exciting journey!


Monday, March 08, 2010

Middle Age

To sit in a recliner, watching any reasonably good

TV show, is enough, especially after a good meal.

Thoughts of going out to party, or secure some

Illicit drugs, or to chase after some hottie are

Either not there, or not very urgent any more.

One's body is content to be at rest, fed, and secure.

No more jangling adrenaline urgency to prove

Ones self to the world or a best friend, or anyone.

At work, either in a busy office, or at a physical job,

Every sudden motion is paid for with twinges of mortality.

Walking swiftly down a hall is now impeded by a sore

Cramping muscle somewhere, or a gimpy knee. Old

Injuries have accumulated; now they wait their turn

To manifest anew, and let you know you ain't getting

Off so easy anymore, bub. Movement has cost now.

Exercise can be a real boon, make you perk up good.

You can move easier, and sleep better at night. But,

Lest you think you have acquired some super-rejuvenating

Powers, a youngster will breeze by you on the jogging

Track or sidewalk - flitting by effortlessly without a seeming

Care in the world. You think, "Did I used to be that agile?"

One gets less tolerant of difficult, bossy people. It is time to

Eliminate oppressive, irritating personalities from your group

of friends and acquaintances. Live free or die, and that is

Coming all too soon anyway. Might as well keep the chosen,

Precious few close at hand, and get rid of the noxious weeds.

Your span of years dwindles, and you begin to think in terms

Of what can I accomplish, not so much how can I have fun.

You think in terms of legacy and avoiding heart attacks and

How one can duck the dreaded Cancer. If you have kids,

You might obsess over them and their futures, or even

Be supporting them at home, long after they should have left.

Middle age spreads out before one, like a banquet full of

Bizarre dishes, some tasty, some awful. But you have to

Try them all, indeed cannot help yourself. This path surely has

Been trod before, but one tramples down the dust and keeps

Going - it definitely beats the alternative - to be six feet under!



Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Vancouver Olympics 2010

What a glorious day, a beauty way,

Canada won the big hockey game;

Overtime contest yielded the winning play,

Sidney Crosby was launched to new fame.

Downhill skiing victories,

Figure skating superiority;

Bobsled sped to a certainty,

USA staked the medal territory!

Another Winter Olympics has crossed the finish line.

Surprising and sometimes saddening turns of fate,

As one athlete lost his life, and others had theirs changed,

The spellbinding spectacle kept people tuned to the games.

The best of the best competed against each other,

In the end they were all human, showing we are all

Not so much different, Earths' sisters and brothers.