Monday, October 11, 2010

     There is no rhyme or reason to it.

People always seem to default to the same behaviors.  
They cannot stand it when someone goes about their own business,
doing well in school, mastering a musical instrument, generally 
exhibiting contentedness with an orientation and lifestyle different than their own.
Greater society cringes, and seems to conspire to crush the life out of
successful differences in people.

Thinking about the Rutgers student driven to suicide, along with the other teen suicides,
I also think about my own experiences.  People seem like they cannot stand the thought of one living a happy life who also prefer the company of the same sex in all ways.

It makes me glad to see the publicity about the suicides, especially on this, national coming out day.  Our society can be educated again about the differences among us, and the fact that differences are not threatening - indeed, they can be enhancing to us all.   American society is showing a leadership role in grappling with these issues, even if we slip backwards at times.  The value of equality for all human beings cannot be overstated - everyone has something to contribute, some story to tell, or song to sing.  

     So let us celebrate our diversity, and not castigate someone because he or she is not our idea of an adult or a sexually mature person.  We could all learn something from each other. 
We should not judge each other cruelly, but rather embrace our differences and work together to solve the challenges that face every one of us.  Thanks for reading.