Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer winding down

A cool sheet drapes across the landscape,
Stifling humidity replaced by crispness –
What is this unfamiliar sensation?
Why,  it feels like a bracing chill.

Late summer cicadas serenade the change,
Campouts and cookouts and parades do too.
Time to get in one last hurrah before things
Get even colder and uglier, at winter’s debut.

Once upon the spring we were exiting the misery,
Vacation plans were made and surging joy felt.
Now creaking houses and joints sigh with relief –
A break from hot outdoor activity and maintenance!

The indoor season is almost upon us,
Holidays will march past, a buildup towards
Christmas proceeds, until the grand  finale!
Then a trudge downhill through frigid bleakness.

Spring will be somewhere ahead,
But it is so very hard to imagine
 from the entrance to darkness.
Unable to go back, we must go on.

(c) 2011 Mike Wilson

Thursday, September 01, 2011

I may not…

May not have an MFA, but I can sure vent out feelings on paper.
May not have a degree in Chemistry, but whipping up dinner is a breeze;
May not have a masters in Politics, but I can butter up the boss,
May not have earned an M.D. but will treat a cold at the first sneeze.

May not be a rocket scientist, but I can jump-start a car,
May not have earned my veterinary license,  but can diagnose my cat;
May not be a world-class athlete, but fear still sends me running far,
Did not earn any high degree, but common sense guides me and that is that.

So forgive the uneducated scribblings of a lower-class dropout,
You see we too have working minds that need some kind of outlet;
Provided with mass-produced blinkboxes, each with a keyboard,
We are determined to type out our vitriol, throw down the gauntlet. 

I may not have an MFA, but you are still reading my BS today…

And thank you for that!

- for real