Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Once upon a time, settlers came to this land.
They drove out the occupants that were there.
They hacked out an existence and an economy.
They started operations like fish hatcheries,
shoe stores, butchers shops, and the like..
They tamed a new world for their kids.

Their kids struggled to cope in this world,
Pulled together from ancient religions,
A mishmash of beliefs under twin banners,
Capitalism and Freedom forever.

The kids went to war, and some made it back.
They raised up a generation used to modernity;
Electricity and automobiles and telephones;
But they had to endure, too.

A depression and a war later, their kids were born.
These kids had a new playground:
The entire civilized world.
This generation made colorful patterns ,
Started unique boutiques, challenged status quo.
The world changed again.

Their kids are mostly wedded to technology.
All except the ones who want to tear everything
Down and start over.  Why?
There is no accounting for human nature.

At our heart we are still stupid apes,
playing with shiny objects,
until we get hungry and start fighting.

Some things just never change.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Vacation time is coming

Ah, the delicious sensation of anticipation!
All the things I can do with two weeks:
Work on the house and yard
Repair the car…
Perhaps find a partner,
Get lucky,
Or many times!

Anticipation alone has been a
Supercharged rocket fuel,
Sending my mind to
Dizzying heights –
I travel to outer space on hope.

Then the day arrives.
I am officially on vacation.
Where are the brass bands? 
The screaming fans?
All my grandiose plans
Must be individually set in motion,
One by one,
By myself.

There is no one else that can do this.
I am responsible for my own fun.
Time to stop typing and get on with it then!