Sunday, October 30, 2011

I just finished watching some Youtube videos of UFO’s hovering over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.   Some amazing stuff.  It might even be “real,” that is, a space being or even an Angel.  Sets me to thinking, wondering at the possibilities... 

     Extraterrestrials landing somewhere on Earth.   Ruling the skies with impunity.  Flitting about the Solar System with the greatest of ease, and no one on Earth need be appeased. 

     Are we being subtly influenced by undercurrents of energy?  Or simply bathed in the detrius of our own electromagnetic excesses?  Are energy beings zipping and weaving in and out among us day to day, invisible in the concrete canyons of the city, or the farm-carpeted expanses of the country?  Stephen Hawking said,  “We just don’t know!” 

     We can suppose and posit all we want.  We can answer our own hopes with doctored evidence, or sightings assumed to be ETs.  We can read and watch many, many reports.  But, in the end, after all of the blurry photos and uncertain saucers and evidence lost, we just don’t know.

     Maybe someday we will.  I hope I live to see that day.  But until then, we just keep grasping at wisps, obstreperous young race that we are.  I bet that someday we will be the ETs that another race sees.  Hard to believe -  some intellligent three-eyed race, quivering in fear over the bumbling human spacecraft littering their purple skies.   Stranger things have happened.  Anything is possible.  Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Recently got finished re-working some of my E-books on Smashwords.   If anyone is curious, here are a couple of links:

Twenty-Ten -
Dispatches from the Aether:

Thanks for taking the time to take a look   :)

Have a good day all.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Finally, some good news!

NATO-assisted forces in Libya finally got that Gaddafi character.  While he seemed like a buffoon on TV, he did brutalize his own people, and supported terrorism over the years, including the shooting down of a 747 airliner over Scotland in 1988.  Good Riddance.   And not one US servicemember had to die over there (at least that I know of).  It was basically an uprising by his own wearied people. 

The second bit of good news was the announcement by Pres. Obama that we are removing all of our troops from Iraq by the end of this year.  Like they said, now these talented young people can return home to help rebuild America.   Good for President Obama, good for the USA.   And good for Iraq - now they can fend for themselves.   

Two welcome pieces of news today.  Perhaps now we can change our focus from killing the bad guys to re-gaining energy indepence and educating our young people.  Now those are wars worth fighting, in my humble opinion.  

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The "Occupiers" are doing the dirty work most of us wish we could do.  It is too easy to lose oneself in respite from a busy workday, TV, games, and yes, the Internet, to actually consider going out onto cold concrete with a sign.  But every time I read in the business section of the paper how banking company profits are up 20, 40, 77 percent, then see all these fee increases  "Because we have to" etc, it does tend to get one a bit upset.  How many billions of dollars of cash reserves do these people need?  I even read that Apple computer has 85 billion in cash right now. 

     Of course, they might argue, it is our company, we own it, we can do anything we want.  You don't have to buy their products, etc.  But the fact remains, these goliaths of industry started here in the USA, and benefit from the largess of US taxpayers.   I would argue they have a responsibility to try to the utmost to reinvest this capitol in the US, to alleviate our economic suffering.   And to strive to be reasonable and honest in their financial dealings.   Profit at any cost is too expensive for society.  There has to be a limit.

      The Occupiers are the tip of the iceberg, the ones who have the gumption and anger to speak out, carry a sign, get arrested.  There is a lot more discontent seething underneath.  Push your customers too far, and they will push back.

Something to consider anyways.


Monday, October 10, 2011

No technology needed

Personal computers are now passé,
PDAs and Ipods totally unnecessary;
The internet and social media soiree
I find rather unnecessary to make my day.

Much prefer the play of sun on rock and sand,
The feel of cool waters splashing my ankles;
Graphical interfaces and fiber optics not in demand
In my house, rather quiet woodland walks are ample.

Once upon a time I craved technological satisfaction,
Had to have three computers internetworked;
MP3 downloads and pic swapping  were the attraction,
Online newsgroups, chat sessions and MIRC.
Experience and age have changed my desires,
Now a quiet walk by the creek is what inspires.