Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Well, I finally got another short story written.  around 3,800 words and a rough draft.  The finished product will be different, and hopefully, better.

     Waiting expectantly for any response to a few stories sent away earlier.  Have to remember not only the myriad ways to craft a good story, but also to keep submission records, to remember to try and build relationships with Editors  (who are human beings too, not robots), to critique and get critiqued, and on and on...
Then ther is this thing called The Rest of My life - my day job, my house, car, cat, relationships, even politics  (this is a presidential election year).   Trying to hold onto my sanity and keep this writing thing going.  But it gets pretty wobbly at times. 

Thanks for reading the literary rant for today.  Hope it is better for some other writers than for moi. 
Happy Fat Tuesday.