Friday, May 25, 2012

Whirlwind world these days

What with all of the turmoil in financial markets these days, it is unnerving.   The European countries seem in disarray, and Greece has one foot in the grave.  The U.S. recovery is struggling to gain traction.
Political polarization  (and sabatoge by the party on the outs - repubs) is hampering getting anything done.   It will be a miracle if humanity makes it to the end of this century.   The oceans are filled with trash.   Wars and bickering continue ceaselessly.   We are poisoning the Earth to get to the remaining fossil fuels, so we can burn those up.   The recent spaceflight by a private company seems hopeful;  so now we can trash and litter the rest of the solar system???   Not sure of the answer here, beyond intense recycling efforts.   Good population control would be a start.    Anyway, I'm going to try and forget the horrific news for a few days.   Have a good weekend, all.  And if you are a former communist or socialist party official, enjoy a few snickers at our miserable fate.  They have been earned  (thank you very much, Wall Street.).   Peace out.