Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another day, another exercise

     As I was riding the bicycle along my usual route at Fourmile trail, I felt and heard a whup-whup-whup.  Sure, enough, I got off, and surveyed the now-flat rear tire.   After swearing a little, I contemplated my next move.  It was to start walking to the nearest convenience store to pump enough air into it to get it back home.  I did so   (thank you Caseys for the free air!), at least getting some walking exercise in.

    Today, I decided it was as good a time to switch to running as any.  So I got some light clothing on, and headed over to the neighborhood park.  Thankfully, they have an oval in there that is close to 1/4 mile in circumference.  I lapped it several times over three runs  (walking in between, gasping for air).    That was a good start, and I was overheating, so I called it a day and walked back home.

     A young man encouraged me,  "Way to go, Buddy, keeping up that exersize".   That was nice to hear.  I'm glad to be 55 and ambulatory enough to go out and run.   A part of me fears the dreaded Cancer, or diabetes.  Anything I can do to hold these off, I will do.  Even if it means gasping my way around an oval, to the amusement of toddlers, kids and adults alike.  Because, someday, I keep chanting, it is gonna pay off  :-) 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A new ISP

     Here is an idea I might like to try, if I were youger, bolder and richer.  Since I am none of those, I offer it up for someone else to use or consider.

     There are a lot of Internet service providers out there, from the big Telecoms to smaller operations.  Some certainly have on-site power backup systems in case of an outage from storms or such.  Okay - what if someone launched a service provider, powered completely by alternative energy.  The energy would come from Solar, Wind, or Biomass.  Biodiesel would be considered an alternative fuel - anything that is not petroleum-based, and considered renewable. 

     The ISP could be advertised from the beginning as 100 pcercent alternative-powered, off-grid.  Thus guaranteeing more reliability, gleaned from multiple sources of alternative energy.  This would of course be expensive, and need to be started small-scale.  But the more Internet infrastructure that could eventually be moved to 100 percent alternative sources, the greater energy security these facilities would have.   No worries about hostile countries, or wellss running dry, or even pollution for the most part. 

    Perhaps there is already an entity like this, and if so I salute them.  But if not - well, hopefully someone will start one soon.  Thanks for reading.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Another week, another ride

     I started out easily enough, riding the edge of Scott ave on the way to the trail.  Several cars went around me - it was the tail end of rush hour, after all.  But no one hit me again today, thank goodness.  Finally made the trail, and there was not much traffic there either.   Before I knew it I was all the way to Altoona.    Every so often I would pass a jovial rider who would remark something or other.  The ones who smile and have a friendly word are highly valued.  I come up on walkers or dog-walkers, and dutifullly say  "on your left" and they move over.  At a gazebo by a drinking fountain, I saw a young man sitting cross-legged on the table, listening to an Ipod, oblivious to the world.  By the time I returned from the endpoint, he had left. 

     I slowed at the major intersections, and although there were some cars, was able to cross without waiting today.  That is another godsend, because I can maintain a consistent pace for a workout.  I happily reached my farthest point, and took a few pics to document it.  Then it was a zip around the parking lot for good measure, and time to head back.

     My knees were hurting for awhile, and i decided to take it easy - no rush on a friday night.   But about halfway back, that sun was dropping pretty quickly - decided to put on the speed so I wouldn't get caught on the trail in the dark.  As usual, needent have worried.  Made it back home with light to spare.  Another Friday, another capping workout.  My body feels tired in a very good way, something I probably share with athletes of all ages.  Now for a relaxing weekend - I just have to keep from eating too much. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Physical Fitness in middle age

     Maybe the above term is an anachronism now, but I use it anyway.   This is my 55th year on the planet, and one of many years I have embarked on a regular program of exercise to lose weight and improve my appearance.   I am amazed at how long I've kept at it, as sometimes happens.   Some years I do little or no regular exercise.  These years, I still do some gardening, lawn mowing etc so am not completely sedentary.  But those pounds pack on - sepecially in wintertime - and they are one b**tch to get rid of.

     This year, I started last January, walking up and down stairs.  I pushed that all the way up to around 33 flights, up and back - by May.  Then I caught a bug, and stopped - lung cough, a nasty one.

In June, I was hiking, and doing occasional biking.   By late June I decided to do some "adventuresize" - combine exercise with unique outings.  So I walked riverbeds for a few miles, or took long bikerides on various trails.  This way I got back into regular workouts - this time bicycling.  Today I just completed a 16-mile ride.   It felt so good - and there were many others out using the trail too.  When my dad was my age, he was smoking regularly and not in very good shape  (not to fault him in any way - most of his generation were the same, and he invested all of his energy in making everyone else happy anyway.)

     So I am on another exercise roll, so to speak.  But it does take a trememdous effort.  To psyc myself to keep it going - to eat right, cut back on the sweets and fats, and get some high protein in my diet to build those leg muscles, and so forth.  Since this effort is occupying so much of my mentality at the moment, why not write about it, I figure.   Many of us are doing the same thing - there are lots of people out on the trails, running, biking, skating etc etc etc.    What more relevat topic to blog on.

      It was good to see our school lunches replaced with a more healthy menu.   The fatty, starchy stuff they have fed the kids all these years - no wonder we are so obese.  Things are changing - way to go, Michelle Obama :)

     Here is to a more fit, well, and feeling fine population.   See you out there on the trail.  (but don't try and talk to me - I need all of my wind to pedal!)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

unfortunate again

Another day, another attack on us.  The Embassy attack in Libya is really unfortunate, particularly so since they were trying to help the libyans rebuild.   There is always a smill sliver of radicals who want to destroy civilized society to further their aims.   Religious fanaticism produces casualties no matter where it festers - in the Middle East, or even here on our shores.   In any case, I'm hoping they can find those responsible and prosecute to the fullest - or just take them out  ;-)

We will endure, no matter what.