Monday, June 30, 2014

Raining insects

Lightning and thunder outside
predicts another intense downpour;
ants, flying and crawling all over my room.
They seemed to boil out of a windowsill.

Their swarm storm ignited my own storm-fury,
so I bought some heavy-duty insecticide;
soon toxic peretherin soaked the room,
a short time later, ant bodies littered the floor.

The rain outside finally subsided,
and the ant storm inside was abated
by a fine mist of lethal droplets.
All in all, quite a day for soaked
lawns and carpets both.

At least the dead ants could be vacuumed up,
not so the swollen ponds and rivers.

We need to build a pipeline to the desert
to dispose of all this excess water.
Better yet, send all of the bugs down there too.

   - end

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

barren lands for future plans

     You drive around two-lane highways, mere ribbons that cut through massive mountain ranges.  Twenty shades of brown, and a few of green, greet your eyes.   The morning mist and shadows, or afternoon rain in the distance, adds a measure of interest.  The miles between attractions eventually are consumed.    And then you arrive at a giant array of radio-telescopes, peering into the universe's past.  Or a city made famous by a supposed flying saucer crash.   Or a giant missile testing range.   Or a purpose-built private spaceport.  

     Desert cacti and heat surround bright spots of technological accomplishment and research.    Scientists and entrepreneurs are helping create the future out in this barren wasteland.   If they succeed, it will become hot real estate in more ways than one.   Heat from rocket exhaust, heat from thousands of visitors car exhausts, heat from politicians eager to get on the bandwagon.  

     Right now, the desert heat surrounds hope and a two-mile long runway.  A few dedicated faithful are working to break it all wide open. I sincerely hope they succeed, if only to not see such a facility as the Spaceport go to waste.   But already I hear that businessmen in Dubai want Sir Richard to build a duplicate spaceport there, and he is seriously considering the idea.  A few other space companies, notably SpaceX, are using the Spaceport to test their own methodologies for getting people in orbit.   A lot is brewing out there in the hot desert scrub.  It will be fun to watch all hell break loose - someday.

     Right now, the security people watch out for stray cows, and the fire crew is bored, washing their shiny vehicles for the umpteenth time.   But it is coming.  Very definitely it is coming, I can feel it.  

What an experience it will be when routine space travel finally arrives out in the New Mexico free range!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

land of space enchantment

I am currently touring New Mexico space sites.  For inspiration in writing and in general.  Thoroughly enjoyed Roswell and the Alomogordo space museum.  Now sitting in Truth or Consequences, eagerly awaiting a tour of the Spaceport.   It has been fun - especially some of the geographical and historic sites I never knew existed around here.   Everything from Chisum cattle empire and Billy the Kid to various gorgeous mountain passes.   Cloud Croft was a beautiful 'discovery'.    Onward and upward.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Pride day is here again

Pride day – what a statement.
Do I celebrate my Pride at coming out? That was long ago.
Am I proud of my accomplishments since then? Of course.
I am proud of the friends I have made, great times that were had.
Proud of some of my behavior, taking the high road.
Not so proud of other behavior – I am too fallible at times.

Proud to have stayed alive and relatively well,
when so many others have passed, some by their own hand.
There are forces out there trying to undermine us.
Luckily there are other forces trying to help us.
I'm proud to be a survivor, and see the changes
taking place (despite frequent economic and political difficulties.)

Our city and/or event organizers have moved the celebration,
then charged higher entry fees. Everything seems to cost more,
from the entry bracelets (and don't you dare go in the wrong door)
to the food to other items. All of a sudden they all think we are
rich – this while state industry is being privatized and jobs cut.

The truth is, a lot of us are really struggling out there,
and a glossy Pride celebration with high costs for everything
is not going to change that. I hope some of that money gets
to those in need of help. That would make me really Proud
on this, the latest iteration of the Stonewall liberation anniversary.

But I am grateful for all of the progress that has been made
since that fateful day in 1969.

Thanks for reading.


Saturday, June 07, 2014

Dis Figure

Tattoo covered and metal-pierced wander
nightclubs and streets – an advertisement.
You too can permanently disfigure your
unique body and make a statement.

If it is what you want, then go ahead.

Take ownership of your own flesh
by decoration and artifice, possibly
discouraging anyone interested in you.
Metal and pigments screening reality.

Your friends might give you some
temporary approval, but it will vanish.
The fun and fad will fade, then leave
you with warped wrinkle-tats and sad scars.

Was it worth it, you will wonder,
grimacing into some distant mirror?
Maybe for a short while. The
trips to a remover were more costly
and a lot less glamorous.

Some future person might go all out,
carve away large portions of their flesh,
overlay metal and plastic and lights...
An even larger regret to bear later on.

     - end

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Pulling for them

The grasses and dead wood
did not make a sound as I
yanked, tugged and pulled.
But my shrubs and tall Cannas
seemed to utter sighs of relief.

All around me, parents were calling
recalcitrant children to come and eat.
One was threatening starvation,
“I'm not getting up and get you food later...”
Another simply insistent:
“Get inside and eat!” the voice of authority.

I was able to do much more with the weeds
than the hapless parents with their roving kids.
A perverse satisfaction settled in as I pulled,
and even the usual back pains did not dampen
my happy mood at being single and finished
with the yard for another day.
Ahhh, freedom.

     - end

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

No Reprieve

Am sure glad to have the primary TV ads done with. With a Republican primary become a 7-way race, and another one a 6-way run, the ads became overwhelming. A certain gun-toting lady who castrates hogs took one contest (the males were grateful to escape with their manhood intact?). In any case, we had a reprieve of exactly zero days. Yes, zero. A Republican attack ad against Jack Hatch aired this morning, the day after the primary was decided. The long knives wasted no time. It is enough to make one swear off TV for good. But I just keep having to watch the news – to see what happens next.

Got to have something to gossip about at work ;-) Thanks for reading, and keep those “Mute” buttons handy. You'll want to have them by the time November rolls around.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

First day in June

Cool clear water flowed over
my time-battered feet,
caressing with refreshment.
The feel of sandy gravel underfoot
tingled pleasant up the nerves.
Sunlight splashed green off a foliage carpet,
as the nearby river cut its lazy path southward.

The first day in June acted like it:
Crystal perfection in water, air and sun alike.
Felt good to be a human alive in such a time.
Not another soul for hundreds of yards at least,
it seemed that I was the only person around for miles.

The bitter cold hell of winter
was the price paid for these glorious days,
Yet sometimes it does seem a fair bargain –
As long as those severe thunderstorms stay away
from Central Iowa...

Not likely, so I plan to enjoy
days like this whenever they
show up, and invite me out to play.

(Ever thankful to be mobile and stay
healthy and spry to enjoy these days.)

  - end