Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Humanity reaches long,
stretches eager arms far distances,
all the way out to touch Pluto.
A distant, faint Kuiper-belt object
we strained towards and finally grasped.

One more generation, one more planet – or planetesimal.
Humanity's reach extended further across the cosmos.
If our Solar System were a stadium,
we knocked the ball out of the park.

It will only whet our appetites for more!
Someday human-crewed ships will cross
vast distances and see Pluto, up close
and personal. Present scientists will be a memory,
their names used to tag future features of
asteroid and planetary landscapes.

Congratulations are in order:
We refrained from destroying
ourselves or our planet long enough
to reach out and photograph yet another.

Well done, Human Race. :-)

- end

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Another beautiful weekend in Central Iowa

Star Trek festival, Art show, Walk in the park, etc.   Lots going on this time of year.  Hope all can enjoy it half as much as I have.

- end

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Book Values still available

Here they are:

New Venture - two guys on an asteroid, anything can happen - and does.  (not a love story)

The Osmotics - in an aquatic vision of the future, a young man embarks on a life-changing journey.

Shadow Intersection - a collection of poems.  Light summer reading.

Enjoy, and have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Greenery Frames Chicanery

They buzz, keen, hover,
probe, bite, sting...
DEET defenses little comfort against tiny
dive-bombers attacking.

Sweet Cicada serenades fade,
replaced by mosquito brigades.
Moths flutter at the fringes,
tease eyesight with motes of excitement.

In the winter there are no bugs;
we shiver and stomp through snow un-assaulted.
Cold and wet on a day in January,
but one will soon dry - seems great from a distance.

But on this summer morning beauty
shimmers and gives way to heavy heat.
Sweaty bodies slap, trying to fend off gnats.

“Was this what we were waiting for?”

yep yep yep.


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Solstice sweetness

Gorgeous weather for camping out, grilling, swimming or just about anything.  Hope one and all have a great time this summer, no matter what the challenges.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Brains in the City

I am hungry for flesh,
that is all I know now.
My pieces fall off if they are damaged,
but I keep walking on shredded feet,
bones protrude and leave a trail.

I follow vibrant fleshy beings,
end up in giant room full of displays:
People keep trying to sell me things,
or have their picture taken with me
(what is a 'picture'?)

Someone discovers I don't have a wristband,
and ushers me out of the room;
When I try to eat their exposed flesh they scream,
security grabs me and throws me out the door.
“Nice costume, guy, but you don't bite people here.”

I manage to rise, and trudge downtown;
the ripe flesh odor overpowers me,
and I try to bite and eat several.
Fleshy fists and hard-shod feet drive me away.
So I end up behind a small red-lit emporium,
and try to pull myself together.

A woman in high heels clicks by, stops, gives me
a look-over, then eyes widen and she runs.
I rise up, but too late. She darts inside a door in
front of the emporium. I try and follow.
The door gives me trouble, but I finally get it open, and scrape-walk in there.
She sees me and screams. Other people gasp. They look tasty too.
But some guy behind the counter is not amused.
He pulls out a pistol and aims at me.

“Get out of here now, buster, or else.”

I reply,
“You can't kill me I am already dead.”
(now how do I know that?)
He fires anyway, and I lose some bits.
I come at him, and he fires again, twice.
He misses, and hits someone else.
Everyone is shrieking or yelling.
I reach the clerk, grab him and bite his forehead.
It tastes delicious...

So the next time someone tells you that
there is good head to be had at the
local adult bookstore,
Believe them!

  • a discerning zombie.