Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A statement of life principles

Something I can wholeheartedly throw my support behind.

                                                         Humanist Manifesto III

Humanism is a progressive philosophy of life that, without supernaturalism, affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good of humanity.
The lifestance of Humanism—guided by reason, inspired by compassion, and informed by experience—encourages us to live life well and fully. It evolved through the ages and continues to develop through the efforts of thoughtful people who recognize that values and ideals, however carefully wrought, are subject to change as our knowledge and understandings advance.
This document is part of an ongoing effort to manifest in clear and positive terms the conceptual boundaries of Humanism, not what we must believe but a consensus of what we do believe. It is in this sense that we affirm the following:
Knowledge of the world is derived by observation, experimentation, and rational analysis. Humanists find that science is the best method for determining this knowledge as well as for solving problems and developing beneficial technologies. We also recognize the value of new departures in thought, the arts, and inner experience—each subject to analysis by critical intelligence.
Humans are an integral part of nature, the result of unguided evolutionary change. Humanists recognize nature as self-existing. We accept our life as all and enough, distinguishing things as they are from things as we might wish or imagine them to be. We welcome the challenges of the future, and are drawn to and undaunted by the yet to be known.
Ethical values are derived from human need and interest as tested by experience.Humanists ground values in human welfare shaped by human circumstances, interests, and concerns and extended to the global ecosystem and beyond. We are committed to treating each person as having inherent worth and dignity, and to making informed choices in a context of freedom consonant with responsibility.
Life’s fulfillment emerges from individual participation in the service of humane ideals. We aim for our fullest possible development and animate our lives with a deep sense of purpose, finding wonder and awe in the joys and beauties of human existence, its challenges and tragedies, and even in the inevitability and finality of death. Humanists rely on the rich heritage of human culture and the lifestance of Humanism to provide comfort in times of want and encouragement in times of plenty.
Humans are social by nature and find meaning in relationships. Humanists long for and strive toward a world of mutual care and concern, free of cruelty and its consequences, where differences are resolved cooperatively without resorting to violence. The joining of individuality with interdependence enriches our lives, encourages us to enrich the lives of others, and inspires hope of attaining peace, justice, and opportunity for all.
Working to benefit society maximizes individual happiness. Progressive cultures have worked to free humanity from the brutalities of mere survival and to reduce suffering, improve society, and develop global community. We seek to minimize the inequities of circumstance and ability, and we support a just distribution of nature’s resources and the fruits of human effort so that as many as possible can enjoy a good life.
Humanists are concerned for the well being of all, are committed to diversity, and respect those of differing yet humane views. We work to uphold the equal enjoyment of human rights and civil liberties in an open, secular society and maintain it is a civic duty to participate in the democratic process and a planetary duty to protect nature’s integrity, diversity, and beauty in a secure, sustainable manner.

Thus engaged in the flow of life, we aspire to this vision with the informed conviction that humanity has the ability to progress toward its highest ideals. The responsibility for our lives and the kind of world in which we live is ours and ours alone.

- end

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Time Machine

   Remembering an old version of the “Time Machine” by H.G. Wells. I feel like that guy nowadays. Growth has sprung up all over, the cityscape has changed all around me. Like in Ankeny, where bare fields have given way to heaps of houses and apartment buildings. Or western suburb farmland being covered with bungalows. Some great things have happened to us all, and a lot of horrible things too. Humanity has changed irrevocably, and we can't go back.
     All we can do is be like that character in the movie, perhaps, and join a good cause, fight for an underdog, make our lives matter in some way or other. Or at least make it to work everyday, before our jobs become outmoded, and we get replaced by AI modules of some sort. While the flesh is willing, hang in there!

Monday, October 02, 2017

Automatic Gunfire from a High Position

Amid the carnage, questions roll in.
"How did he sneak all those weapons up to his room?"
"How did he buy them in the first place."
"Why?  Why and why.    550-plus whys."
No sense to it, no rhyme or reason.

Killing for killings sake seems to be the newest national sport.
If so, count me out and give me a place to hide.
A tyranny of death, a freedom to kill at random.
No author of a bill of rights envisioned such mass murder.

Now people who go to resort cities aren't just
gambling for dollars, they gamble for their lives.
Will we ever be the same?
Words do little justice to the injured or dead,
so enough of those today.

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones.
We just never know how long we have left.

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Do you know a secret

There are secrets all over downtown Des Moines.
Right in front of you if you know where to look;
desperate people of every sex, grinding their groins,
just find a shadow, some out of the way nook.

Every street breathes history along with auto fumes,
Every brick wall images dramas played out alongside.
Hidden air pockets with elite's colognes and perfumes,
less pleasant scents of the unlucky or the unrelieved.

The boardrooms and meeting rooms and rest rooms
of all those tall buildings carry daily dramas galore.
If a fraction of those walls would tell what they knew,
many a confident executive would shudder in horror.

Every city carries its share of secrets small or large,
Yet they all hum on, propelled with urgency of need.
Failures and cruelties would fill many a huge barge,
Everything gets overlooked in our mad rush of greed.

Some have an ear cocked for the greatest secret of all,
how to get off the career “treadmill” without a fatal fall.

Friday, September 29, 2017

A kiss a kiss

Just realized it has been 25 years since I've kissed a woman.  And kinky me, I decided it might be fun to try it again.   Even perhaps (invoking the ghost of Hugh Hefner,) see how many kisses I can collect the last three months of 2017.  Maybe offer to donate something to breast cancer research for every 10 kisses I receive.   Hmmmm - will have to think carefully about this.  I'll tally the kisses in a kiss-notebook, describing each one - duration, quality, name and age of the kisser.  Will keep the notebook hidden - wouldn't want a kiss-and-tell situation  LOL.  

Yep, might not be a bad idea.  Seems like fun, and who knows?  I might even meet a new special friend out of it.    The clever ideas I get on a Friday afternoon.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Total Exposure

What if Einstein posted nude pics,
along with his relativity theory?
What if Picasso blazoned the web with nudes
of himself, overweight as his works were disfigured?

Bing Crosby showing off his conquests?
Errol Flynn showing off his perfect pectorals?
Tyrone power flashing his guns online,
or Doris Day or Marilyn Monroe baring all,
leaving nothing to the imagination of an
admiring Internet public?

We may count ourselves lucky that these icons,
luminaries of the past lacked such exposure.
Why tarnish our shining ideal of fame or purity?
Those days are gone forever.

What celebrity of the last 20 years has not
been exposed in every way by some net denizen?
Celebrity is more, and less, than what it used to be.
More accessible for microscope-focused public eyes;
ephemeral, temporary – tomorrow they are replaced.

An inexhaustible supply of human pride and tragedy,
playing out moment by moment wherever we want to find it.
A star career now measured in months, days, clicks –
Being famous “ain't what it used to be.”

Click and search on, net-fanatics,
someday you, too will be famous,
or at least spied on by
more than one voyeur.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

They make an appearance at last

Planted the seed with a touch of bravado,
the narrow strip of dirt surrounded by Mums.
Still, I tended the strip, pulled away crabgrass,
watered them on occasion; hope persisting.

The summer wore on hot and dry,
the tall grasses hung over them,
They broke the soil, came up slowly,
stuck spindly leaf-ringed necks out.

No flower buds appeared,
so I gave them a last drink,
consoled self (the seeds only cost a dime!).
Pulled and culled everything else,
forgot about my lost little strip of snaps.

Then one day, the last day of summer,
I walked the yard, and looked around.
Two brilliant yellow flowers peeked
out from under a Sea Oats overhang.

They made it! My beauties bloomed,
despite all the odds, the insects and moles,
the drought and creeping charlie and crabgrass.
Two blooming beauties gracing a drab area.
A lovely treat to see on this last day of summer.

(And you can see them here too.)

- end

Thursday, September 14, 2017

WTF is going on

Privatization of medicare is leaving many untreated,
while providers go unpaid and chaos seems to reign.
What is happening?

Tax benefits are handed out to companies for a few paltry jobs,
while local homeowners and workers struggle to make ends meet.
What is happening?

State workers are being denied overtime,
while the state budget consistently runs in the red.
What is happening?

New apartment complexes are popping up all over,
with rents out of reach to all but the rich.
What is happening?

The cost of ground beef is skyrocketing, and other items too.
Meanwhile, wages are stagnant, or going down due to outsourcing.
What is happening?

Intelligent workers brought here as children are being deported,
a skilled labor drain in the midst of a labor shortage.
What is happening?

Medical insurance is out of reach for more and more and more,
existing plans are disappearing, nothing in their place.
What is happening?

Hang in there, everyone out there.

- end

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Can we cure the Hurricane Hangover?

Hurricanes, hurricanes, blowin in my mind.
Causing devastation, ruining many lives.
Why do we have to endure all of this hell?
Is it our climate destruction? Hard to tell.

Tornado season seemed like it lasted forever,
All those homes shattered into so much tinder.
Now we must endure another horrific season,
A bit of sunny weather comes a teasing.

Watch all of the resort towns get flattened,
No matter how many “hatches get battened.”
Will they go through the entire storm alphabet?
All of those rescue challenges yet to be met.

How many can our United States withstand,
Before collapse and anarchy rule our land.
It looks like we are soon going to find out,
though we pray and panic and scurry about.

Perhaps they should fill tanker planes with water,
fly them to great heights to freeze their payloads.
Then swoop over the megastorm and dump the ice,
calm those hot winds and make the weather play nice.

More expensive to do this and pay a huge cost,
or endure devastation and mourn those who are lost?
Something to consider as we hunker in our shelters,
we can take bold action to make the situation better.

- end

Monday, September 04, 2017

A good weekend

Social times with friends, a visit to a neighborhood bar, a picnic, even a moonlight hike.  What more could a guy ask of a long weekend   (except maybe an extra day or two.)    Thankful for a wonderful time.

...have had worse weekends  :-)   

Monday, August 21, 2017

A Faint Hope

So much global anger and division,
government arrogance and derision;
Many deaths result from one decision,
Career boost gained off military destruction.

Stars and ribbons and polished jutting chins,
swagger in rooms packed with high tech sweat.
A quorum is reached on territory to win,
lives to snuff for death's quota to be met.

Another adventure in some dusty Afghan province,
or propping up another regime in Baghdad?
Perhaps large bribes to area tribes to convince
them to attack Hezbollah and make Israel glad.

The players change places, retire and write books,
recount heroism repeated by predecessors.
New ones take over and “sink in their hooks,”
creating their own local ruling oppressors.

Perhaps they would listen to one of their own,
a general who fought many battles for peace.
Time to call Eisenhower's ghost back home,
give tired troops and bloody populations relief.

- end

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Listy listy listy

Links to my books for sale on Amazon etc - thanks for taking a look  :-)

Future Property – Michael Wilson

Experimental Tales – Dycen Alexander

The Osmotics – Dycen Alexander

New Venture – Dycen Alexander

Epic Prime Collection – Dycen Alexander

Crime Spree – poetry - Mike Wilson

A Strange Enterprise collection of speculations

Shadow Intersection - poetry

29 Stories – Kindle Edition – collection of short fiction:

- end

Friday, August 18, 2017

A historical find

Oh, how serendipitous, delightful it is to be idling by, digging through old notebooks and reading what my younger self wrote.  When I found this snippet of spontaneous poetry I wrote at age 27, when I was in love  (or at least infatuated).   Now you can enjoy it too.

"Years have gone by;
years of pain, suffering, loneliness.
I have searched, questioned, agonized.
Feelings came and went in a mad swirl of seeking.

Millions is the magic key; or is
it college; no, maybe electronics,
to create an intelligent machine for a pet.
How about plants, to “grow my offspring.”
Or catching fish to snag some good cheer.
Music, sweet music is always nice to hear
                             even when you're queer.

Love is the force I seek –
and into
its warm, bright, soft center I peek.
Money can't earn it. Business can't pay it.
Trees can't grow it. Art can't paint it.
Fishing won't catch it – music can only say it.
Love is the key to your soul."

I thought I was old or something - LOL.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Youtube links

Here are a few experimental videos on Youtube.
Live Clam in a small Iowa river
March for Science and a bell ringer in the background

Tettegouche Falls in northern Minnesota

Iowa State Fair 2008

Navy Blue Angels seen while driving on I-80

Enjoy them all.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What Happened to US

What happened to You

America so beautiful,
once you were harsh wilderness,
tamed by adventurers,
settled by Europe's castoffs and so many others.

Now you have turned into a miasma of
self-absorbed fluff addicts,
peppered by extremists and hate groups.

Once you gave the blood of so many youth
to combat fascism and racism.
Now you grow these evil weeds within your borders.

The quiet majority needs to set down their toys
and shout as one “Enough! We will not stand for this again!”
“We paid a horrible price for this in the 1940's!”
“Too high a price to repeat the mistake.”

Say NO to Nazi fascism, NO to racism, NO to bigotry
America was supposed to be better than this,
is supposed to be better than this,
Can become better than this.

These battles evidently must be fought over and over
by every new generation.

We are all one nation and had better figure out how to get along,
before we tear ourselves apart.

One civil war was enough.

Grow up, USA.

Get over the Fascist and Racist Foolishness and move on!

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Ready or Not (again)

A rising din of engines and voices,
Dual-wheel pickups tow livestock
trailers to and fro, cutting corners quick!
Porta-potties line up like arriving crowds will,
border the edges of grounds throbbing with preparation.

Nearby neighborhoods sprout campers like weeds,
colored tape marks off yard parking areas,
manicured lawns awaiting their first oil stains,
tire ruts and trash piles of the season:
Promising profits for the property owners.
Cars are already lining some streets...

Various species of livestock announce their presence,
bleating, mooing and squawking their magnificence.
Their odors precede even their reputations...

August 10 is coming soon,
with that another Iowa State Fair is here.
The beast seems to get bigger every year!

This year, the grounds barely hold it all in.
An enormous roar will be felt as fireworks
cap off the entire garish spectacle.

Ready or not,
like a winter snowstorm, it is coming.
Everyone around may as well take in the show.
(Bound to be a good story or two hidden in
all of that confusion.)


August Cool

Farewell for now cursed sweat rivulets,
stay away clammy air, too heavy to breathe.
Time to step outside and exult in the beauties.
A touch of Fall coolness has arrived in Iowa.

An August wonder, seventy degrees at noon;
In July it was a hundred and people swooned.
Now the yard work can get finished,
natural areas once again explored...

Overworked air conditioners can catch a break,
car engines and children whine a whole lot less.
Grilling and chilling outdoors returns to being fun;
The only ones sweating now are triathalon trainers.

Enjoy this brief respite, lucky Iowans;
we know mother nature is in the windup,
ready to throw us some more misery soon.
At least we caught a nice weekend this time around.

- end

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Sub and Super Constructs

If our universe is a mere simulation,
death need not be feared as a destination.
Energy-ciphers flitting about in imagined
reality, we really have nothing to fear.

A curious mind wants to know how far
up and down the universes go, nested
inside each other as they must be.

Realities are created inside
energy-vessels of ever-larger realities.

Larger and smaller the universes come,
occupants within knowing only vastness.
Some distant origin-explosion or
"Big Bang" remains unimaginably distant.

All physical laws, time and 'the real'
fragment or super-assemble and
are incomprehensible to our
relatively tiny human brains.

Consciousness may dissipate,
but our energy persists,
and will return again in
some unimaginable form.

See you in the some-when of
an ultracoherent some-what,
at some time or other!

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Lucky Seventies

Farewell for now cursed sweat rivulets,
stay away clammy air, too heavy to breathe.
Time to step outside and exult in the beauties.
A touch of Fall coolness has arrived in Iowa.

An August wonder, seventy degrees at noon;
In July it was a hundred and people swooned.
Now the yard work can get finished,
natural areas once again explored...

Overworked air conditioners can catch a break,
car engines and children whine a whole lot less.
Grilling and chilling outdoors returns to being fun;
The only ones sweating now are triathalon trainers.

Enjoy this brief respite, lucky Iowans;
we know mother nature is in the windup,
ready to throw us some more misery soon.
At least we caught a nice weekend this time around.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Summer on the Water

With various concerns and problems swirling about,
it was so refreshing to discover:
There is still fun to be had
boating and swimming in the ol Des Moines river.

When I got that call from a couple of friends,
and set a time to meet at the marina,
Joyful moments were passed in preparations.
Soon we gathered on a dock at a party arena.

We put the boat in the water, and set out
upstream – when the engine had an issue
with going at high throttle – it conked out.
Then it was time to hunt for a critical part.

But a good while later we accomplished that,
and set out once again down the river – to
swim and sun and take turns water ski-ing.
I was content to ride and snap a lot of photos.

No political world problem seemed close,
no braying politician got under my skin.
It was time to revel in the waters and play,
a rare chance to shed inhibitions in the calm river.

Hopefully I'll make it out again real soon,
with no motor problems to make us swoon.
Looking forward to more occurrences of fun;

enjoy the rest of the summer, everyone.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Not an end-stopped party

There may have been a few poets there,
at the pros social – many were in fine form,
but not quite in rhyme - or even in synch...
Just flowing around well-appointed rooms
all loose and jumbled,
like the words in some e.e. Cummings write.

The pros party did not feature any readings,
just disjointed mumblings and random utterings.
Still it was fun enough, with familiar faces aplenty.
No one talked in Iambic Pentameter, thank goodness.

No villanelles or pantoums or sestets,
just twosomes, threesomes, and one foursome;
Sipping libations and making casual chit-chat.
Still, I've been bored worse in better company...

Another evening passed with time spent
chatting about little oddments and how
are things going and yes, we miss him so much.
Someday we will all be gone, and another group
will be in our place, making the same idle comments
about our now-buried corpses.

Our way of living in the moment,
pros-aic in a non-poetic way.
Sure, “this too shall pass”
but there is nothing we can do about that,
so we may as well enjoy ourselves.

(Pros is a social gathering that meets several times a year in Des Moines, Iowa.)

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Once there was a river

Once there was a river of nightlife,
gleeful youth and older alike
celebrated in their preferred ways.
Some drank, danced and laughed;
others had joyful trysts with strangers,
many made new long-term friends.

This ribbon of concrete along our
river that bisected town east and west,
a meeting place for folk from all over
central Iowa who wanted to play around.

The party is over, the jubilation ended.
Concrete barriers and signs hammer home
the message: No more fun allowed here.
Weeds grow through cracks in the concrete ribbon,
joyful memories dissipate under relentless pressure.

Life goes on, nevertheless.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Streaming Haiku

peaceful stream gurgles
surrounds exposed limbs in light
dragonfly sets down

limb exposes self above
underneath water surrounds
dragonfly hovers

sets down on brown limb
perches above froth maelstrom
river or kingdom

cutting forward seeking what?
mollusk crawls onward!

Frog serenade

Monday, July 17, 2017

It is Monday in America

Keystone cops shoot unarmed housewife in pajamas;
Toddlers are swept away, seen live from an onlookers phone.
A certain celebrity inmate is up for parole again;
Presidential approval fell down to 36 percent.

Just another Monday in an insanely violent society.
If America was a bomb, it would be a continuous
eruption of craziness – nonstop cruelty and murder.
How did we get this way – from virgin lands to
such Roman Empire excess?


It was not easy – took a lot of doing.
European settlers had to wrest the land
from native control by any means needed.
Then Law and Order had to be established:
All of those gangsters did not make things easy.


Economic upheavals and leadership scandals
continue to rile and roil the national landscape.
All the noise and confusion makes one wonder
if anything is permanent, or safe, or reliable anymore.

What I tell myself...

Just keep going to work,
and keep your head down;
avoid the frequent lead showers
coming from every direction.
Good luck out there...

Some of us will make it to
tomorrow – there is always that.

 - end

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Wandering Together

Ten years passes like an ephemeral bolt,
cordiality should push formality aside.
If I lost him it would be a painful jolt,
we have enjoyed this long-lasting ride.

Unexpected start in another place and time,
he dropped into my world like some gift
unexpected, growing ever more sublime.
Outside stresses kept threatening a rift.

Familiarity wreaks the usual contempt,
other temptations and delights distract;
no blame for any outside affair attempt,
If only I can keep our friendship intact.

Every relationship evolves and changes,
cherish those experiential loving ranges.

     - end

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Oldies but goodies

Still for sale ..

Future Property – Michael Wilson

Experimental Tales – Dycen Alexander

The Osmotics – Dycen Alexander

New Venture – Dycen Alexander

Epic Prime Collection – Dycen Alexander

Crime Spree – poetry - Mike Wilson

A Strange Enterprise collection of speculations

Shadow Intersection - poetry

29 Stories – Kindle Edition – collection of short fiction:

Thanks for taking a look.

- end

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Enemies of Civilization

While the top brass converse,
hidden elements creep forward.
Best plans will be set in reverse,
intricate plots emerge outward.

Gunpowder and metal bits packed
into a tight space, touched by a fuse.
Innocent bystanders soon get attacked
by a murderer - scattered and confused.

The cost is not only immediate,
lives taken and ruined forever after.
Society will bear a price predominate,
suspicion replacing ease and laughter.

Terrorist fanatics exact constant punishment

on our free society – unnecessary harassment!

- end

How hot is it???

heat comes in clouds of wetness,
envelopes me in fatigue and weakness.

Heat would be worse if I had to wear
makeup and a dress, all wrinkled and runny.

Working in high humidity feels like
swimming through cement with a backpack.

Feels so hot the sweat evaporates off my skin,
my shirt gets soaked then heats dry again.

“But how hot is it?”
It is so hot if you crack an egg on the sidewalk,
It comes out already cooked and scrambled.

It is so hot that car tires are melting on the pavement,
and the freeways are jammed up with stuck cars revving.

It is so hot that people get instant skin burns going outdoors.
You can smell cooking flesh as long as your sniffer keeps working.

It is so hot that I am forced to sit indoors and dream up these
bizarre visions of how hot it really gets, within my fevered brain.

Stay cool everyone. Fall is only a few months away.

- end

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Flash Fiction - Nothing is Free

     Waves of pleasure cascaded throughout Tim's body. Colors danced at the edge of his vision, and followed in tracery wherever he turned his head. He let out a sigh, and that set off happy reverberations throughout. Suddenly he was up and moving, around the room, outside in the yard. It dimly occurred to him that maybe he might not want others to see him like this.
But most of them are high too, on a Saturday afternoon...
He let out a guffaw. Then he moved back inside and around the house. He found an old model airplane, half-finished, and entertained himself studying it and poking around. Leafing through books and puttering around, he eventually descended from the euphoric plane and came back down to earth.
Wow, that shit is not too bad. Especially considering the price.
He fished out his 5-pack of Freforal and counted: Four left. Four smashing buzzfests. Then he could go get more – next week.
Many in the press considered the new government program to give away a free drug a poor idea. But there was enough support to try it out on a limited basis. So regular users like Tim wouldn't have to turn to the local dealer, and risk arrest, for their high. They could go to an approved pharmacy and request their free supply of “Freforal,” a synthetic opioid that gave a short but very intense high – and was free for the asking, to anyone that was 21 or over.
The thinking went that it would drive the illicit drug trade out of business. How could they compete with a free high, that was basically harmless?
Tim giggled to himself, and then called up a friend.
“Hey Ron? That shit rocks. It works.”
“How long did it last?” asked Ron, a buddy and fellow user.
“About two and a half hours, just like promised. I might try to double up, or try it mixed with some H. But hell, for the price, it really delivers, man.”
“Cool. I'm headed over to the Pharm now. We'll have to do a hit together. Later, man.”
“Later.” Tim ended the call. He cracked open a beer, and turned on the TV. Ron arrived a hour later, laughing and giggling.
“Woooa yeah, man, this shit is awesome! C'mon, man, do one with me.”
“Don't have to ask twice. Here goes nothing...” And Tim popped two tabs in his mouth, washing them down with a swig of Bud Lite.
Soon the two of them were aping TV announcers and others, laughing, rolling around. For a couple of hours, they had a great time. Then the high receded.
“What the hell. We can always get more, right? They are free,” said Tim.
Ron looked at him with bloodshot eyes, considering.
“Yeah. You know, we might even get a buddy to go get more for us. Are you up for it?”

“Always, man. Always. Here goes...” And Tim popped the last tab into his mouth, and downed it with another swig of beer. Ron did the same with his last.
“Wooowee that is sweet,” said Ron. Even as he said it, he noticed that it was not quite as sweet as when he downed two at once. And they would have to get more somehow.
“Yeah, real fine. I say after this, we call it a night and figure out another supply tomorrow. Sound cool?”
“Cool by me, man,” replied Ron. They watched some TV, and relaxed, mostly silent. By the second hour, they were dozing off.

The news reporters went on overdrive:
“New program deemed an expensive failure.”
“Free opiate test run found to increase demand.”
“What was supposed to be a cure turned out a bigger problem than ever!”
After a month, the US FDA and DEA threw in the towel. A spokesperson explained,
“We had no way of knowing how effective this program would be until we live-tested it. Obviously things are not working out as planned. We express the deepest regret for the way things have turned out...”

Tim and Ron managed to get a buddy to hand over some extras the next day. After that, it began to cost them. Some people did not need the high, but they did need the extra income. And others who would have never tried anything, tried Freforal out of curiosity. The Heroin dealers noticed that business dropped off for awhile, and then increased. Demand went higher than ever.
Emergency rooms began to see a spike in overdose victims. Tim found himself there, looking up at a distant ceiling after being brought back.
“Hey, kid? You awake? Good. Eyes look better. Can you hear me?”
Tim grunted out a yes.
“Excellent. You can be out of here soon. Just a little word of advice,” said the PA.
“Wha – whats that?” replied Tim.

“Nothing good in life is free. Remember that.”

“All right,” grunted Tim. A while later, he stumbled out of the hospital, and set off to find a Metro station. But he was back in the ER within a week.

The End

Climate of Unconcern

Climate change does not matter
We gotta make our wallets fatter.
So what if we pollute the seas,
Business gods we must appease.
Putrid filth become our rivers,
but CEO demands make us quiver.

Even though our country becomes an outcast,
next quarters profits are what gives the blast.
Let us breathe mercury-laden smoggy air,
profits in our pockets means we don't care.
Life expectancy will drop real fast,
sure hope the boardroom air filters last.

So drop out of all those international agreements,
good old boys will negotiate other arrangements.
They always have our best interests at heart,
Our wealthy owners and masters are smart.
They have all of the answers,
no matter Who gets cancer.

     - end

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Fourth Furies

Once again it is time for the annual noise parade.
Pops, bangs, thumps...and BOOMs! Are heard
all over the city. Join in the fun – celebrate the
fourth of July with wild abandon.

But be safe and careful about it.
Could lose a finger, part of a hand,
or even an eye. These things can
damage human flesh, even yours.

It is a festive time of year,
everyone wants to have some fun.
Light and aim those things with care.
You want to greet the Fifth intact,
avoid emergency room lights harsh glare.

Happy Independence Day Everyone.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The water seems to go on forever

White-laced waves cavort and splash,
roar in for their smashing finale.
The mist and noise overwhelm,
perfect backdrop for a bobbing patrol-boat,
and sleek sailboats that cut water curves.

As the sun drops, it sets the water agleam.
Glittering reflections shimmer and refract,
blind eyes large and small who happen to
gaze in that direction for too long.

Gulls are scarce – lots of wind and not much food.
Sailboats proliferate for a time, then they too
disappear as the sun sets and clouds roll in.
A rainy, cool night is coming.

The next morning shimmers green off
the waters surface, promising new adventures.
Wind whips excitement whitecaps into waves;
An early sailboat makes a bold attempt at
lake navigation, but soon retreats.
The summer breeze is really strong today:
Jacket and long sleeve weather in June.

Thankfully my camera still works,
and takes in all the raw beauty
despite sprays of water and gusts of wind.
Another fulfilling visit to lake Michigan!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Vacation or Education

My bored hands free for a time,
now make drumming sounds,
now handle lumber and hammer nails.
Now they grip a steering wheel for
hours at a time, getting me to novel areas.
Now they snap photos of unfamiliar places,
now they drop coins in rest stop vending ops.

Many activities not normally undertaken are now,
stimulating the mind and those worn fingers too.
Pleasure takes many forms and has many names,
but variety and novelty are two I give her today.

How much work can a body do to enjoy time off?
Quite a bit, I'm finding, and it leaves me refreshed.

Camping out gives the hands a good workout,
and the body a pleasant change of scenery.
Plucking flowers or hauling supplies,
propelling oneself through water or casting a line,
skipping a rock or baiting a hook.
Operations so much better than wielding a
snow shovel in bitter January.

Enjoy your summer and vacation time,
May you find new thrills and feel just fine.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Thoughts on passing the 60 mile marker

     I am mobile in terms of walking around and doing my job – a labor job, cleaning a large office complex. But walking on the sidewalk, a younger man just flies by me without breaking a sweat. If I try and speed up, I get out of breath, and limp due to a hurting hip – and he keeps right on getting further ahead of me. I have to face it, I'm slowing down relative to a young, strapping man in his prime. But I still encounter slower people who are older than me, or infirm, and I can easily pass them by.

My sex life is not nearly as active these days – but then again, neither is my libido. Although still well capable of an orgasm, they are not nearly as frequent as when I was in my twenties or teens – obviously.

My appetite is not quite what it was. And it seems a bit easier to get drunk. Also, to be hung over. My urination is slow, unless I have drank a lot of water (or beer). My typing has slowed some, and I often struggle with transpositions. My bifocals can cause problems reading, finding the correct distance. I can still get things done, even though I'm not as motivated.

An advantage of being older is that it gives you a longer view of things. Having experienced a lot, my first instinct is to pause and take a hard look at whatever it is confronting me. I've seen so many fake advertisements, and heard so many lying politicians, that nothing really impresses me these days.
Except performance. People doing what they say they will do. Things working out as promised. Workers who show excellent competence, whether they are street sweepers, auto mechanics, waitpersons, or whatever else. Competence and following through rule the day for me. Promises and adverts are the same as believing in the tooth fairy or the Easter bunny.

I've become more cynical, sure. But still determined to see good when and where it happens. A happy life moment, at work or socializing. A laugh, a compliment, a hug or a kiss. A good meal. I try harder to see and acknowledge the good things when they happen. Life isn't all bad, even if the news makes it seem so. We enjoy many comforts that were not around when I was born.

Let's see, 1957... Leaded gas, foul air, everyone smoking cigarettes. Air Conditioning was a big luxury. No microwave, black and white TV, if you were lucky enough to have one. Big dial phone on the desk or wall, no cellphones. Computers were huge hulks in offices, and didn't do that much. A student who had a manual typewriter was ahead of the game. There were more tubes in radios than transistors. It was he beginning of spaceflight – Sputnik was launched. The Moon landings and the shuttle were many years in the future yet. Eisenhower was president, and people were scared enough of war with Russia to begin building home fallout shelters. It was a grim time to say the least, especially compared to life in 2017.

I remember being sick a lot. We also had some good family discussions around the dinner table. Later, we got a better TV, and I can remember some good new shows on TV, like Green Hornet and Time tunnel. The Flint and James Bond movies were keeping us thrilled. We went as a family to see the Sound of Music. These events were in the 1960's, of course. A lot of events are munged together in my memory. Memory is timeless – everything is mixed in together, and memories change over time. But I am sure glad in one respect – it beats the alternative. Hope that I can stay out of the obits for a long time to come. Thanks for reading.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Ditty 'bout summer

Summer and baseball are in “full swing.”
Graduation parties, picnics, concerts,
Parties galore all over town.
Lilies, peonies and petunias blooming away,
summer colors and crowds cheerful and gay.
Wildflowers add their pink surprise,
to contrast the itchy green I surmise.

Grass grows fast with annoying regularity,
must match it and mow faithfully weekly.
Jeans ditched for shorts in the suffering heat,
Shoes swapped for sandals, don't miss a beat.

Time to air up the bike tires, and glide down leafy trails.
Race a train back to home base past howling softball crowds.
Put the bike away, then do a few push-ups for good measure,
then hit the shower, pleased with the first work-out of summer.

We paid for this with the horrors of January,
the biting wind, brutal ice, and blinding snow.
Cold that seeped in through every crack,
permeating drafty homes and aging bones alike.

Now –
Sunlit beauty melts away chill remnants
in one's soul and replaces with hopeful color.
Even sweat and swoon cannot defray the
benefits of such an explosion of bounty.

Here is to non-stop enjoyment of summer bliss:
Sniff peonies, dip in a river, give the lover a kiss.
No manufactured governmental crisis, nor
employer-mandated miseries can ever
steal away our enjoyment of natures gifts.

Not even allergies and constant sneezes
deter me from savoring balmy summer breezes.
May one and all alike enjoy the fruits of the season,
Step outside and feel the joy, experience over reason.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day thoughts 2017

  Putting a flag out on relative's graves, memories come back. Of a time when I was younger, and there was an entire older generation present, with all of their dramas and concerns. I was unaware of their issues for the most part, as I had mine going on. (Little did I realize the power that my mere youth itself had, in many myriad forms.) Now as I get older, I wonder if I could have done more to show appreciation, or thank them for what they did. But understanding is there that it was only natural for them to want to do things for their children, to give them the very best chances in life.

     Since I don't have children of my own, I can only speculate and observe others. My nieces and nephews are full-grown, some raising children of their own. Time's fast flight makes one shake their head in wonder. Some of us must sit on the sidelines and watch the whole circus go by. What is a parade without spectators? But any sadness soon disappears – I had ample opportunity to interact with my family's offspring, some squandered, some enjoyed. Their success brings me joy and pride.

     Memories of the older generation who showed me kindness, help, and even stern reproaches at times roll by. Their jokes and quips live on in repetition from my lips. The line of family memories follows every time I pass something on. Uncle Jack's corny jokes. Nanny's made-up words. Uncle Curly's memories of his family in Nebraska having a goose for Christmas dinner. On and on. All of them tolerating my phases of living in their own ways. Now they are gone. The youngsters of today go through their dramas and joys, not yet aware of how fleeting time is.

     This is to thank and honor all of my late relatives who added so much to our lives. Not to mention my parents, who of course gave me life, raised me up, took care of me, and saw me out into the world.

     Seems a good idea to cherish your loved ones before they become memories. Gives a continuity and meaning to our harried and hurried lives. Best wishes all.

- end

AI Format - Smarter people will have to implement this.

Components might include an Overmind – or a higher function center. This would evaluate alerts from the sensory areas, as well as contain the basic drives to motivate “It”.

Sensory centers:

Sight – detection of obstacles and forms, with a huge library of objects. Each object could return one of several conditions. Library could be added to upon seeing new objects, and detecting conditions.

Sound – mics that would evaluate and screen sounds. Library built up, meanings assigned, reactions adjusted accordingly.

Tactile – touch-sense, with a library of alerts if sharp pressure, heat or cold.

Taste/smell. To the extent possible, chemical detection and a library of alerts to return to higher functions.

Higher function core:

Receives alerts, and makes decisions on actions. IE, if hot/cold/pressure limits are exceeded, move away from source. Else, move a bit closer, and re-evaluate.

Builds a library of experiences. If one of these affects conditions, they might be changed. IE value of excessive heat might be upped or decreased, and re-written into tactile memory.

Operation is directed by basic drives. Hunger overrides, then curiosity, then loneliness, then pack-rat. Or a varying combination of the last three (hunger always wins in the end). Modeled loosely after human drives – what better template to use?


Hunger – every so often, needs to re-fuel at a charging station. If a low voltage (below a threshold) is returned from battery, then an alert is returned to the higher core, and It rolls to the charging station. First might test (locate charger) to see if there is a charging station in the vicinity.

Loneliness – tests to see if humans are around. If so, launches query’s and conversational routines. Builds a library of conversational experiences. A random module allows it to sift through words, and build some new databases, then use those.

Experiential craves – wants, needs to add to experiential libraries, so it feels the need to travel, to roll out into the world. Wants to add to it's knowledge in many forms.

Perhaps a pack rat impulse, to pick up and save small objects. To handle them, and add to experiential libraries.

A Life timer. For a period of a month, or a year, the AI will recharge itself, chat with humans, query, and build its experiential libraries. Then it will end, terminate, and download some kind of result, or a dump of its final experiential libraries. Including results of sifting thru and recombining words, testing them, and adding to an experiential database.

The memory required for this thing to “work” will be huge, so short lifetimes could at first be implemented. Later, longer and longer lifetimes could be used.

Talk to others of its kind: message back and forth with other AI's. Form a collective of AI's that each add to and test each other's knowledge libraries and experiential databases.

Then sit back and watch the world change.

(With thanks to Andrew)